How to save Whatsapp video file

The functional of the Vatsap messenger allows you to exchange video materials. Users can download them or send them to other devices. To make the process of working with media files more convenient, you need to learn how to save video from Vatsap.

It’s very easy to save video from Vatsap to your phone.

Auto save files

If the photo or video materials received in a personal message remained in the gadget’s memory, it will be more convenient to work with them. Saving can be set in the gadget settings.

To do this, follow the steps according to this algorithm:

  • Run the application on a smartphone or tablet.
  • It is necessary to enable access to the folder that saves the video – it is called “Gallery”. Another option is to set the autoload option in the “Data and storage” item..
  • Open the settings window and find the line “Save media”.
  • After this procedure, all sent media files will appear in the gallery.

If you want to save videos to your computer, you will need to find the video you need in the store and transfer them using the wire. You can do differently – open the version of the messenger on your PC and download materials from there.

To save the video, go to the application settings and enable the option “Save media”.

How to save video from Watsap to iPhone

In iPads and iPhones there are no memory cards – they use only a hard drive to save information. To keep the video file on the device, use the following algorithm:

  • Before installing the application on his device, the user must allow access to his gallery. This procedure can be performed the first time Vatsap is launched..
  • Go to the settings menu. In it you need to connect the option “Save Media”.
  • Changes must be confirmed..

After this procedure, all sent photos and videos are automatically saved on the phone in the Gallery folder.

To carry out any operations with these materials, you will need to go into it, find the video and transfer it to another Vatsap subscriber or send it to the post office using a computer.

Saving on Android

On Android platforms, you can use several methods to save files that came in Votsap messages. The procedure can be performed manually or automatically..

To save the desired information without additional intervention, you must perform the following actions:

  • Open the Vatsap application on the gadget and go to “Settings”.
  • Find among the menu items “Data and storage”.
  • Go to Media Backup. In this paragraph, it should be noted which files are allowed to be automatically uploaded to the gallery, working via Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

To automatically save media files on Android, the menu item “Media startup” should be noted.

You can download to memory cards or other media manually. To perform the procedure, go to the WhatsApp folder, in it you need to find and open the “Media” subfolder. Among the files stored in it, look for the desired one and transfer it to an external device.

If autoload is not set in the settings section, you can simply click on any video and select the save option among the possible actions. This procedure is possible on iOS and other operating systems..

Save video from Whatsapp to PC

To copy video files from Vatsap to computers, you can use the smartphone on which the application is installed. To do this, the clip, which is saved in the device’s gallery, is sent to the PC using Bluetooth.

Another method is used to transfer video to a computer. If the gadget has a slot designed for external media, you can download the video to a flash card. Then it can later be used on other devices.

The following actions must be performed:

  • Open the messenger and find the file in it.
  • Save it in the device memory.
  • Go to the file manager or to the “Gallery”, find the video that you want to send to the memory card.
  • Highlight a video and copy to external media.
  • The drive can be removed from the tablet or smartphone.

The save procedure is now over.