Emoticons in WhatsApp on iPhone

With a situation where emoticons disappear in “Vatsap” (they are also called emoticons, emoji), users of this program most often encounter after changing their smartphone. The fact is that smiles can disappear when switching from the Android platform to iOS. Often the same iOS and Android applications work differently..

WhatsApp Emoji.

Why there are no emoticons

There are no built-in emoticons on iPhone in Vatsap. This is due to the fact that Apple developers place high demands on the elements of programs used on the iOS platform, and the traditional application with emoticons for WhatsApp does not correspond to them.

Where in the “iPhone” are emoticons “Vatsap”

To find emoticons in WhatsApp on iPhone, you need to open the Emoji virtual keyboard. After connecting this function, the user can call the keyboard for typing messages, switch languages ​​on it and see that the language of emotions has been added to the existing ones. Then again there will be an opportunity to use smiles for communication.

At the same time, on an iPhone with an OS version lower than iOS 6, you must first download the emoticons for this keyboard, since they are not in the firmware itself. If there is a jailbreak on the iOS device, then you need to search for Emoji in the Cydia application, and then among the proposed options, select one and install it on the iPhone. If the phone does not have a jailbreak, then the search for Emoji should be done in the AppStore, where you should choose the suitable free option and download it.

After that, you can activate the new Emoji keyboard. It will display the selected emoticons.

How to enable emoji

You can install the keyboard with emoticons in the iPhone settings by sequentially navigating to the following sections:

  • “Basic”;
  • “Keyboard”;
  • “Keyboards”;
  • “New keyboard”.

A list will appear on the screen in which you need to select the “Emoji” option, after which a new keyboard with emoticons will be displayed. To switch to a set of emoji, you need to click on a standard keyboard on a virtual button with a globe. The Apple development team is constantly creating new emoticons, so their typing on the Emoji keyboard is constantly expanding and supplementing when updating the program.

How to download additional emoticons on “iPhone”

If there is a need to use emoticons that are not in the layout, you must create your own file in which they will be stored. To do this, you need to find a site with emoticons, copy the ones you like from there and save them in a new note on iOS. In the future, from there they can be copied to Whatsapp messages or another messenger .

To make even more emojis on the device, you can also download applications from the App Store:

  • Emoji iMessage – an application that provides many smiles for WhatsApp on the iOS platform 10.0 or higher;
  • Emoji Free – a program in which you can create new emoji;
  • Emojidom is an application containing more than 6 thousand emoticons. Works on iOS version 10.0 or higher.

All of these applications are safe and capable of adding variety to communication..

How to use emoticons

After the emoticons in WhatsApp are found, they can be used in messages, put in the text or send separately. A smiley is an icon (icon) that can convey any positive and negative emotions: anger, rage, joy, fatigue, jealousy, resentment, love, drowsiness, disgust, resentment, and even poor or good health.

Children, adolescents and youth actively use emoticons in correspondence in various instant messengers. This language of emotions is intuitive and does not require additional explanations. People who do not have experience using emoji may be confused, afraid to offend someone, or look silly. In case of doubt, you can examine the meaning of smiles in the Apple character encyclopedia.