How to share a YouTube video to WhatsApp

The instruction on how to transfer video from “YouTube” to “Vatsap” differs depending on whether the person uses a mobile gadget or a personal computer (PC) for this. In addition, you need to consider the file size limit and know how to get around it..

Through the messenger it is possible to transfer information in different formats: text, photo and video.

Instructions on how to add video to WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to send any video stored in the memory of the gadget on which the application is installed.

To do this, you need:

  • Open the messenger and go to the dialogue with the person who needs to drop the file.
  • Click on the icon that allows you to attach the file. On Android, this is a clip located to the left of the send message button. On iPhone – plus near the text box.
  • In the table of icons that appears, click on the “Gallery”.
  • Select a media object to share.
  • Click submit.

You can send a photo to the interlocutor from the “Gallery” of the phone.

How to forward a video from YouTube to Vatsap

In order to send the video to Vatsap, you need to install the YouTube application. Doing this by opening the site in a browser will fail.

You need to proceed according to the following scheme:

  • Start movie playback.
  • Click on the arrow that says “Share”. The first of them will be located in the upper right corner of the square with the video, the second below it. Any of them will be suitable for sending.
  • In the pop-up menu of available social networks and instant messengers click on the “Vatsap” icon. After that, the WhatsApp application will be called up, and a list of user contacts will appear on the screen.
  • At this stage, you need to choose who will receive the video file. To do this, press and hold the desired contact until it is checked.
  • Having formed the list, click on the green arrow located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Add your comment and click on the send message button.

Sending video using the “Share” function.

Each of these contacts will receive a message containing:

  • A video that you can immediately watch;
  • address where you can get to the channel.

Sending a file without a link will fail. Attempting to delete it will cause the video to disappear too.

From personal computers

To send a media object to Vatsap, working with a PC, you need to download the Windows version of this messenger or open the web version through any browser.

After authorization, the file is sent according to a scheme similar to that described in the previous section:

  • go to the desired dialogue;
  • press the “paper clip”;
  • from the icons that appear, select the top one;
  • in the opened Windows dialog box select the files to be transferred (to send several at once, you need to hold the Shift button);
  • click on the airplane icon.

Copy direct link

If the YouTube application is not installed on the gadget, then you can proceed as follows:

  • open the clip in an internet browser;
  • click on the “Share” arrow;
  • copy the link that appeared after this;
  • open “Vatsap” and go to the dialogue with the message recipient;
  • insert a link and send it.

PYou can transfer the video file to the messenger by copying the link.

In this case, the person will see only the address where you can go to watch the video.

How not to introduce a friend at the same time in financial waste

“Vatsap” application has system settings that do not allow transferring heavy video files.

However, if the recipient is in roaming or for other reasons is limited in traffic, it is better to drop him only the link to the video, without attaching the file itself to the message.

Why the video is not fully sent

If a user tries to violate the rules of the application and send with it a file larger than 16 MB, then he may encounter incorrect operation of Vatsap.

One of its manifestations is that the messenger cuts the video so that its weight fits in the limit value.

After that, he passes the truncated version to the addressee.

How to send a long video on WhatsApp

WhatsApp imposes restrictions on the size of media files sent. This leads to the fact that through it you can’t share a video lasting more than 3-5 minutes.

The easiest way to get around this limitation is to upload the video to the file hosting service, and put only a link to it in the Vatsap chat.

The second way is to use programs that allow you to compress the media file or cut it into several short ones. After such processing, the video can be sent without any problems.

What is the maximum video size you can send on WhatsApp

The settings of the Vatsap application allow you to upload files with a size of no more than 16 MB. If several clips are sent at once, their total “weight” should not exceed 64 Mb.

How to compress video for Vatsap

You can compress video to a size suitable for sending in the messenger using special software. Which program to use depends on the type of device the user is working with.

For Android smartphones, the best solution is to install the Video Compression application. In the App Store, you can download its full counterpart for iPhone.

Work with him according to the following instructions:

  • Run the program.
  • In the list of available files, select the desired.
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “Video Compression” position.
  • Choose from the proposed options a new size.
  • Wait for the end of processing.

Those who want to compress the file on a PC can use any online or offline editor. Examples of suitable programs are Freemake Video Converter, Media Coder, etc.