Why you can send 5 messages to WhatsApp

Whatsapp users with recently asked a question: why Vatsap sends only 5 messages? The messenger calls such restrictions the fight against fake news (fake news).


Reason for limiting the number of messages

Vatsap had previously limited this function, the number of people or groups to whom the same message can be sent was reduced from 250 to 20. Now it has again reduced this number to 5 messages.

Until 2018, Vatsap practically did not impose restrictions on the newsletter.

This restriction was first introduced in India in the summer of 2018 after a series of lynching due to rumors about the abduction of children that spread through the messenger. In this country, over the past 2 years, 40 people have been killed due to the spread of false information about them..

Now in one group of Vatsap can consist no more than 256 people. Such a restriction will make it possible to send the same message to at most 1280 users, and not 5000, as it was before.

Messaging Programs

There are third-party programs for sending messages to Vatsap. Some of them are paid, some have restrictions on the number of mailings, but they all fulfill the main goal – deliver messages to Vatsap users.

bClient – a program that allows you to send text messages to Vatsap using its own database. In addition, with its help in the messenger you can make presentations of goods, send photos, videos and links to the desired site.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender – a marketing program with great functionality:

Whatsapp Bulk Sender is specifically designed for marketing messages..

  • Adding an unlimited number of WhatsApp channels
  • active numbers filter on WhatsApp;
  • sending text, graphic, audio-video and vCard files;
  • checking the last viewed status to filter active users;
  • future sending of dated messages.

Zazumedia is an online service for mobile marketing that provides mailing services in Vatsap not only according to the user base, but also according to its target base. The service database contains only customers who have agreed to receive promotional materials.

As a result, the user receives a detailed analysis and a report on the effectiveness of such a newsletter and on its basis will be able to form their target audience.