How to quickly and correctly install WhatsApp on your phone

The procedure for installing the messenger is carried out according to this scheme – it needs to be downloaded to your mobile, then activated. The application downloads simply, regardless of the OS of the device. How to download WhatsApp on Android, create an account, what are the features of its use, read the article.

What is WhatsApp

This is a program that works thanks to an instant messaging code system. It allows you to send text files, images, videos, audio. The creation of the widget dates back to 2009. The messenger is free, it works when the Internet is connected.

The application uses end-to-end encryption – protection against attempts to intercept someone else’s content while it is being sent. Only the sender who creates the message and the recipient can see the correspondence when the letter is delivered to him.

If the phone “catches” Wi-Fi, sending messages in the application is free. Out of Wi-Fi coverage, you need to connect a mobile operator’s tariff plan to be online, receive messages, send files, make calls.

What systems support Vatsap

The application can be connected to Android phones. OS version in 2019 should start from 2.3.3 or be later.

When installing WhatsApp for iPhone, iOS version 9 or later is required..

The messenger also works with BlackBerry, Nokia. It is supported by the Windows platform – it can be used from a PC and laptop.

Where to find and download the application

By opening the Internet, you can enter the name of the application in the browser. Various links will open prompting you to install it. It’s better to do this from the official website, which will offer the latest versions of Vatsap free download.

The simpler way is to use special download platforms. For androids, this is Google Play, which is indicated on the screen as the Play Market or Play Store. This is the main platform for Android devices integrated into the phone. For iPhone – App Store.

How to install whatsapp on phone

The installation process is as follows:

  • Open Google Play for Android or the App Store for iPhone, enter the name of the messenger. A green circle will appear with a white handset inside, opposite which will be written “WhatsApp Messenger”. Click on it. A window will open for downloading the application. Click Download, then Install..
  • When the download process is completed, the “Open” button will appear. Click on it. The application will ask you to accept the terms of use and privacy policy. This can be done by clicking the “Accept and continue” button. Next, windows open in which the program requests access to contacts and sending notifications. Select “Allow or Deny”.
  • Then enter for WhatsApp the phone number to which you download the application. Click “Next.” The messenger will offer to confirm the contact by typing again – you may have entered the wrong numbers. It must match the one you entered at the beginning. Then you will be sent an SMS with a 6-digit confirmation code, which you must type in the specified field.
  • The messenger will offer to restore the message history if you used the application earlier. If not used, select “Skip”.
  • The settings for the name and account are opened, according to which other users will see you. Enter a name, if desired – a profile photo that can be downloaded from the phone by clicking on the image of the camera. Press the “Next” button, starting the initialization process.

On Android

To download WhatsApp to your phone for free, you need to use the Google Play Market, which is installed by default on the device.

Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

Google play market

This is an entertainment and software store. Google play contains games, music, movies, applications for samsung, lumiya, nokia, huawei, lenovo, meizu and other smartphone models. To download the application, click the Market icon. A window opens with a search bar. You need to enter the name WhatsApp. A green circle with a messenger symbol will appear. Click on it. Download as above.

APK file

With an outdated smartphone model or an unsuitable operating system (for samsung these are galaxy models with the old OS), you can use not the official messenger site, but the WhatsApp APK installer. It consists of archived application codes.

To find the WhatsApp Apk file, launch a browser, enter “WhatsApp apk” in the search bar. Links to various sites that offer instant messengers in this format will appear. Open and download. However, it will be necessary to change some points of the mobile. This is necessary to give the smartphone permission to install such applications.

To do this, open the phone’s settings, select “Security”, then “Unknown sources” and activate the item.

In the apk file, the messenger is downloaded in the same way as from the WhatsApp website. When the install application is completed, it is recommended that you fix the changed phone settings. To do this, you will have to repeat the actions performed earlier – again go to the “Security” item, then – “Unknown sources” and cancel the permission.

On iphone

You can download Vatsap to your phone from the App Store or iTunes – a media player that gives you access to the iTunes Store and allows you to download movies, music, books, applications.

This store is installed in the phone by default. Its icon is on the iPhone’s main screen. By clicking on the App Store, enter the name of the messenger in the search bar. A window will open with a WhatsApp icon. Click on it. Download as above.


For the older version of iPhones, installing modern programs is more difficult. To download the messenger, you need to download the old version of iTunes using a browser search engine. Open it, go to your Apple account. To do this, you need the Apple ID and password that you created earlier.

Next, open the App Store, enter “WhatsApp” in the search engine. A message appears that you can download the old version. Click “Yes.” Install the messenger.

Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

Profile Creation

When installing the program, select the name and photo for the account. The application offers to download an avatar from Facebook or phone by clicking on the camera icon. Photo can be changed.

To do this, open the messenger settings through the menu button in the form of three vertical dots at the top of the screen, select the “Profile” item. Click on the avatar. The system will offer options for working with your image..

By opening the menu, then “Settings”, “Account and Privacy”, you can control who can see the image that you have selected for the profile by activating the appropriate settings.

Do two Vatsap apps work on the same phone?

You can register dual WhatsApp through special programs. However, they cannot be used at the same time..

  • Download the Parallel Space program on the Play Store. When the download is complete, the “Start” button will appear. Clicking on it will open a window with applications installed on the phone. Select “WhatsApp” by ticking it. The installation of the duplicated messenger will begin. It must be installed and logged in, as with the usual launch of WhatsApp. But you need to specify the number of the second SIM card, to which the messenger is not registered. So you can install two WhatsApp.
  • Allow the smartphone to install applications from unknown sources. Open the “Settings” of the phone, select “Security”, then “Unknown sources”, activate the window on the side of this item. Next, in the browser search engine, enter the name of the program “YoWhatsApp”, download. For smartphones with one SIM card, insert another SIM card in your mobile and register the application for this number. Next, agree to the terms and privacy policy with the button “Accept and continue”, enter the phone number, and then – the code from SMS.

So on a mobile device more than one messenger will work.

WhatsApp Benefits

  • There is no need to register an account specifically. You do not need a username or password. Registration is the creation of an account.
  • If during installation you allowed vatsapu access to your contacts, the application is synchronized with the phone book.
  • The messenger allows you to send various types of files – texts, pictures, video, audio. Before sending to the recipient, multimedia is compressed on a special server (done automatically), which saves traffic.
  • The application does not practice intrusive advertising that interferes with users.
  • You can change privacy settings, block a contact, create interest groups. The messenger has a technical support service.


In this article, you have learned the basic ways to download instant messengers on various mobile platforms.. The program also works with devices using Microsoft OS.. The application allows you to communicate, forward content, make voice and video calls. Download WhatsApp is easy, the messenger is easy to use.