How to see when a person was online on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. In the program you can see some information about the contacts, but new users are not always informed about this. For example, not everyone has an idea of ​​how to find out in “Vatsap” when a person was online.

How to understand when a person was online at Vatsap

If the “Privacy” settings allow, then in the upper part you will see the online interlocutor
or not.

To view the time of visit, you must go to a private chat with this person. The desired information is contained in the upper part of the dialog box – in the line located under the interlocutor’s login, next to his photo. The necessary information is displayed in the standard format for any smartphone – “Was (s) / date / at / time /”.

Reasons why it is not visible when the user was online

Information about when the person entered the application may not be available for the following reasons:

  • The user intentionally hid the visit time from everyone or only from those who are not in the contact list. That is, if your number is not recorded in the phone book of this person, information about the last visit will not be available.
  • If in the application settings you have closed viewing the time of your visit. It automatically becomes impossible to view this information about the interlocutors..
  • The user has locked your account. In this case, the time when he was online will be hidden from you.
  • There is no internet access on the device. The status of the interlocutor will be unavailable, as well as sending and receiving messages, until the connection is restored.

Whatsapp Network Status

The network status shows information about actions in the program:

  • “Online”. It means that the “Vatsap” application is running on the user’s smartphone screen, but the chat window is not necessarily open with you. Therefore, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that sent messages will remain unread. Online status is always visible, it is impossible to hide the privacy settings.
  • “Prints.” It means that the application is open on the interlocutor’s smartphone, and he types the text addressed directly to you. This status is also impossible to make invisible..
  • “Was / date / at / time /”. Shows information about when the user started WhatsApp. Privacy settings allow you to hide the time of the last visit. For this case, we can distinguish the fourth type of network status – its absence:
  • There is no information about when the contact from his list was last online. From this we can conclude that at the time of viewing on the device of the interlocutor WhatsApp is closed, and information about the date of the last use of the program is not available due to the settings.

How to hide visiting time in “Vatsap”

The program settings allow you to change the visibility of network status based on personal preferences. By default, a parameter is set that allows everyone to see information about the time of the visit. But the status “Was” can be hidden from all users or only from those whose phone number is not included in the contact list.

It is possible to hide only the time of the last visit. The statuses “Online” and “Prints” will always be visible to other people..

In privacy settings you can hide your network status.

Changing these parameters is available both on the Android platform and on iOS, although there are some differences.

On the “Android”

The first step is to open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Next, go to the menu indicated by 3 vertical dots in the upper right part of the screen. After that, select the “Settings” item, and in the proposed list – the “Account” section.

The “Privacy” item is responsible for changing the visibility of network status.. When you select this section, a page with privacy settings will open, where you must click on the first item – “Was (s)”. To change the settings you need to choose the appropriate option from the ones that describe who will see the visibility of your visit time – “All”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody”.

On the “iPhone”

In the open WhatsApp application, go to the “Settings” menu, which is located on the right in the lower task bar on the screen. Next, open the item “Account”, then – “Confidentiality”. After that, you will need to configure the privacy settings by selecting the desired option from the proposed ones – “All”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody”.