Whatsapp calls are free

Smartphone owners are increasingly using free instant messengers, including WhatsApp, to communicate and share files. These services also allow you to call another person by voice or video. The main thing is that the interlocutor has the appropriate application configured. At the same time, users are interested in whether calls on Vatsap will be free or paid.

WhatsApp messenger allows you to call for free.

WhatsApp: paid service or not

The user has the opportunity, without paying any fee:

  • download the application;
  • install it on your mobile device or personal computer;
  • use the services offered by the service.

Today there is no need to make money for using Vatsap, although initially the service was conditionally paid: communication through it cost 99 cents a year. Since 2016, by the decision of the owners of the WhatsApp program, it has become free.

Communication and calls in the messenger are carried out if there is an Internet connection, the cost of which is determined by the provider chosen by the user and depends on the tariff used, the location of the smartphone owner within the country or abroad.

In roaming, connection and Internet connection are paid at different rates than in the home region. This means that it’s not the application itself that is paid for the user, but the provider’s services, since access to the network is a prerequisite for the functioning of Vatsap.

Whatsapp calls are possible wherever there is a stable internet connection.

There are also some states where the use of the service is prohibited. These include China, Syria. Arriving in these countries, the owner of the smartphone will not be able to correspond in WhatsApp.

Whats the cost of calls on WhatsApp

You do not need to pay for calls in the messenger, even if the user chooses to communicate in the video format. But any application installed in the smartphone consumes a certain amount of Internet traffic when turned on..

Depending on which source the phone owner receives this traffic from and where it is now located, the connection becomes paid or free for him.

By wifi

If a user connects to Wi-Fi in a cafe, shopping center or hotel, in most cases he does not need to think about the cost of calls to WhatsApp or the amount of files sent. When the application is installed on the home computer or the smartphone receives Internet through the home Wi-Fi network, the cost of telephone calls in this service also does not matter. Most operators offer unlimited connection at a fixed rate.. It does not change, even if family members regularly make calls to “Vatsapa”, send a large volume photo through it.

Free WhatsApp calls can be made via Wi-Fi.

Via mobile internet

Using the WhatsApp application, you can communicate without thinking about the limits. This applies to exchanging messages, files, making voice calls or video calls. Neither the developers of the service, nor its owners determine any restrictions for subscribers. But telecom operators can set boundaries.

When traffic is exhausted at a tariff where unlimited Internet is not provided, each megabyte of transmitted information (but not every conversation through this application) will be charged at the rates of a mobile operator. This also applies to users who are roaming..

Call traffic usage

During communication in “Vatsap” megabytes of incoming and outgoing traffic are consumed. This includes text-format messages sent between subscribers, all files transferred by them, and conversations. It will not be possible to accurately calculate the traffic consumption for 1 minute of conversations through the messenger, since it depends on many factors, including the duration of the conversation, type of connection (voice call or communication using the camera), etc..

On average, 1 minute of conversation through WhatsApp consumes about 1.3 Mb of Internet traffic. The cost of video communication is even greater. The more often a user makes calls through the application, the more actively he consumes traffic at his tariff.