Install Whatsapp for Bada for free – detailed instructions

Vatsap is a cross-platform messenger, but it is not supported on Bada. Thanks to caring programmers, users download the application from third-party sites. In the article, we will consider where and how to download Vatsap for Samsung Bad.

Overview and features of Bada

Bada was created by Samsung for the Wave range of economy phones. Google invented Android.

Utilities are similar in interface, but differ in functionality:

  • Bada is a closed source platform, Android is open source. When the software is closed source, the finished product is bought and installed. A “computer” example is Windows. And with open code, the system is constantly edited by the user himself. Beginners are easily confused, as in Linux;
  • The browser in Bad does not have the ability to view. In Android, several tabs open simultaneously. They are viewed in a special menu;
  • Google’s operating system is used on any device: from smartphones to multimedia watches. Bada is designed only for Wave phones and smart TVs;
  • in the Androyd store 300,000 basic and additional utilities, applications, in the Bad store you can download only basic.

The main difference between Android and Bada is that the first OS is updated to this day, and the last ceased to exist in 2013.

What versions of Whatsapp are suitable for Bada

The latest version of the messenger is available for the Bada platform – 2.19.229.

Whatsapp interface

When the application starts, the “Chats” section appears. Swipe to the left shows the “Status” section, the second action is “Calls”. It displays the history of telephone conversations, their date, time. The green arrow indicates an outgoing call, the red arrow indicates an incoming call.

Whatsapp for Bada.

The messenger cap is made in a pleasant dark green color..

The chat background can be changed. To do this, open the dialog, go to the “Advanced” section by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then select “Wallpaper”.

The program will offer to upload a photo from Vatsap’s gallery or library, “fill” the background with solid color, select the standard one or leave the chat without it.

The application searches for chats and contacts. To do this, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen..

Requirements and characteristics of Whatsap for Bada

There are no conditions for the application. But for Bada there is a nuance – the messenger will work only on versions 1.2, 2.0 and higher, it will be installed on the Samsung Wave 525 model.

Step-by-step instruction

The file weighs 35 MB, so connect to a stable Wi-Fi network so as not to waste traffic.

Where can I download the program for free

Link to download Vatsap Samsung Bada: Download Link. The program is free. The messenger will be downloaded to the phone with a file with the extension .apk. It is supported on both Android and Bada..

How to download whatsapp

In order to download WhatsApp for Bud, do the following:

  • Download the file. It will boot as installation, it does not need to be unpacked or perform additional actions.
  • Open smartphone settings.
  • Find the item “Security”.
  • Check the Unknown Sources feature.
  • Allow access to the Internet, camera, gallery, microphone to make the application work.

If you installed the program on a computer, then connect the smartphone to the gadget using a USB cable. Next, transfer the downloaded file to your phone and repeat steps 2-4.

How to install the application

In order to install Vatsap on Bad, open the downloaded file. The messenger icon will appear on the desktop and in the application menu.

Registration and connection

To register, enter the login – your phone number. Within a minute, an SMS will come with a code that is entered in the field that appears. If you haven’t received the message, click the “Send again” button..

Benefits and features of WhatsApp for Bada

Chat on Whatsapp for Bada.

WhatsApp for bad has the following functions:

  • sending text, audio, and video messages. Print or tell interesting stories to each other;
  • Add people to your contact list without leaving the application;
  • audio and video calls;
  • change in status. To do this, go to the appropriate section. Tap on the plus or camera / pen icon, which are located on the lower right. Upload text, photo or video. Information is available within 24 hours to people who have your number;
  • creating a Watsapp channel – a chat where a message is sent to an unlimited number of people by administrators. Subscribers do not evaluate messages and do not comment on them;
  • creating group chats where all participants leave messages.

There are no audio and video calls on Bud 1.2 and Samsung Wave 525.


On Bud, the green messenger is not supported. The developers created a platform-adapted program, the installation of which is carried out from third-party sources. All application features are available on the platform.