How to understand that you were blocked in WhatsApp

There are several ways to understand that you were blocked in WhatsApp. Each of the signs alone is not evidence of inclusion in the list of unwanted contacts, but their combination confirms this reliably.

Watsap Black List.

How to understand that you are on the black list in Vatsap

A subscriber added to the black list cannot contact the person who blocked him and see information about him. However, Vatsap allows you to prohibit viewing the status of visits and sending notifications to all users, even if there is no intention to stop correspondence with any of them.

Look at the latest status

To check the status of a person of interest, you need to go to the dialogue with this contact. At the top of the screen under the name of the subscriber will be the inscription “was (s)” indicating the day and time of the last visit.

For those people whom the user has blocked, this information will not be available. However, it may not be displayed for another reason. Votsap allows users to hide their status without blocking contacts.

To find out if this information is closed to everyone, you can use another subscriber who has a dialogue with this person. The verified fact that information about the time of the last visit is available to other people reliably indicates a blockage.

Check profile photo

A blocked person will not see the image attached to the profile. Therefore, if the photo has changed to an empty avatar icon, this is the basis to believe that the user decided to block the contact.

Check if messages are being delivered

Messages in Watsap have 3 statuses. They are indicated by “checkmarks” located near the time of sending. The following labeling rules are defined:

  • 1 gray icon means the message has been sent;
  • a double gray bird symbolizes delivery to the addressee;
  • a change to blue or green indicates that the recipient opened the application and read what was sent to him.

If the third type of status is not assigned to the message for a long time, this situation may be caused by the fact that the addressee:

  • Configured pop-up notifications from which you can learn the contents of the message without opening it;
  • Does not want to conduct a dialogue, therefore does not respond to the message;
  • banned sending read reports.

Blocked WhatsApp Contact.

If the subscriber added the person to the black list, the messages will not be delivered. The contact who sent them will always see that his messages are marked with 1 gray check mark. However, if the person you are interested in disconnected the phone from the Internet or deleted the application, the result will be the same.

Try to get through

If you suspect being added to the black list, you can try to call the subscriber. To do this, go to the dialogue with him and click on the handset icon located in the menu above.

If the calls do not go through, this may indicate that the user has blocked the account from which they are trying to connect to him. But the same result can be obtained if a person is offline or decided not to use Vatsap anymore..

Some versions of the app mask call barring. A blacklisted user hears that the number is busy, or long beeps are constantly on.

Create a test group

Group in Watsap.

This verification method allows you to determine the presence of a lock with high confidence. To create a group, you need:

  • open the application;
  • click on the menu icon marked with 3 dots;
  • select “New group”;
  • in the contact list that opens, select those you plan to add;
  • press the green arrow at the bottom of the screen.

If one of the potential interlocutors added the account from which the group is created to the black list, he will not be included in the number of chat participants. In this case, the application will display an error message: “There is no permission to add.” In combination with the previous verification methods, this serves as proof of blocking..

What a blocked user sees

Blocking does not affect the chat. The user’s dialogue with the contact who added him to the blacklist will look the same as at the time of the last correspondence. Previously sent messages do not disappear. If he tries to write something else, then his messages will be reflected in the conversation marked with a gray tick.

How to bypass blocking in WhatsApp

A blacklisted subscriber has 3 ways to contact the person who blocked him:

  • Change the phone number to which the Watsap account is linked.
  • Create New Account.
  • Use services that allow you to send a message anonymously.

However, all these methods will not allow a full dialogue. Having understood that a subscriber is writing to him, communication with which is undesirable, a person will block a new number or account. And the third method has a limit on the number of messages sent per day, which protects users from spam.