How to disable autosave photos in Whatsapp

The default settings of the “Vatsap” messenger require automatic storage of content that comes from other users. This is not always convenient, since the phone may not have enough space for more important files, and the permanent deletion of photos, videos and audio recordings takes time. Therefore, many people think about how to disable the saving of images in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp auto-save photos is a must, however, these files often clog the memory of your mobile device..

Where are the photos from Vatsap saved by default

When a user is sent a photo for the first time, a folder is automatically created in the gallery. You can also find media by typing / WhatsApp / media / WhatsApp Images into the active line in the file manager.

Most of these images are not needed by the user, therefore it is more expedient to disable this function, saving what you need manually. You can also create your own folder in the gallery with the corresponding name and copy the necessary photos there, deleting everything else along with the automatically created folder.

If most of the incoming media files are needed, but there is critically insufficient space on your phone, you can turn off autosave and enable backing up data to Google Cloud Storage. Thanks to this, you can restore deleted photos in vatsap at any time..

Media files can be stored in the Google cloud service.

Connection Algorithm:

  • go to settings;
  • first select the “Chat Settings” section, and then “Backup Chat”;
  • determine the frequency of backups;
  • select a Google account to which data will be saved;
  • select “Use” and wait for saving to disk.

Disable autosave photos in WhatsApp

This process is so simple that anyone who has mastered the basics of using the WhatsApp program can handle it. You can disable the option both in the application itself and with the help of an additional utility – the .nomedia file.

The first method is suitable for all operating systems: Android, IOS (iPhone) and Linux (Windows Phone).

Consider both options for solving the problem in more detail..

Through the program functionality

The easiest way to disable the function is through the application settings.

The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • open Vatsap;
  • go to the “Settings”;
  • first select the “Data” section, and then “Mobile Network”;
  • uncheck, thereby prohibiting the application from downloading media files on a mobile network;
  • press the back arrow, and then select Wi-Fi;
  • repeat the manipulations, this time preventing the messenger from copying data over a high-speed network;
  • confirm the changes with the OK button.

If this is an iPhone on the iOS operating system, the first steps will be the same, only in the settings you need to move the “Save incoming files” slider so that it is in an inactive position.

Using the nomedia file

This option takes longer because the user will need to install another application. You will need a file system manager called ES Explorer, which can be downloaded from the Play Market.. It can already be installed automatically, so in the market you only need to click “open”.

To create a ban on saving photos, you need to create a new empty file and name it .nomedia.

Then you should perform the following actions:

  • Find and select the WhatsApp folder
  • First go to Media, and then to WhatsApp Images;
  • in the application panel at the top, click on the function button, select “Create”, and then “File”;
  • name the .nomedia file and confirm the action to complete the operation with the OK button.

How to disable image autoload in Vatsap

There are two simple ways to turn off the autoload of pictures for owners of phones with the Android operating system. Owners of iOS and Linux can only do this through the Votsap application itself.

To activate autosave, the described actions are performed in the reverse order, that is, the changes made are canceled. In the case of .nomedia, this file is simply deleted through the ES Explorer manager.