How to install the second WhatsApp on iPhone

Messengers have taken a strong position in our lives. A person can not do without Votsap, Viber, Telegram and other applications. You can not open mail, do not read newspapers, do not watch TV. But to check whether a message has arrived is necessary. To always be in touch with relatives or customers, users install the second WhatsApp on an iPhone and Android smartphone.

Can install 2 versions of Whatsapp app on iPhone.

What is the second whatsapp for?

Whatsapp is at the peak of popularity, but is beginning to yield to Telegram and Instagram. Many suggest that Vatsap is a social network. Despite this, daily from Google stores this application is downloaded many times.

Some even install two versions of Watsap on the same phone. The reasons for this may be different. One program is started for communication with family, friends and relatives, and the second – for work.

It’s convenient when the Whatsapp worker is used separately and attached to a corporate number. After hours, you can turn it off so that partners, colleagues and employees are not disturbed.

There is another messenger for the family that allows you to be in touch with relatives at any time.

Someone uses the second version of Votsap for secret correspondence or communication with those people that others do not want to know.

Sometimes they use hacking or Jailbreak to install Watsap, this is not recommended.

Such procedures may cause:

  • fast battery discharge;
  • failures and instability in the device;
  • iPhone security risk.

The developers of the application did not provide for the possibility of using clients of two Whatsapp simultaneously. One account for one device.

Installation of 2 applications is not welcome by its developers.

Therefore, installing an additional application is possible by workarounds and is not officially welcomed..

When installing the second Votsap, you should understand that you run the risk of bringing a virus or other malware to your iPhone or smartphone.

How to install two whatsapps on the same iphone phone

To put two Vatsapas on one phone, you can apply several methods.

One of them is installing the TutuApp application. You can download it at

Download TutuApp at

The sequence of steps is as follows:

  • Choose the free version and click “Download”.
  • Next, confirm the installation, go to the desktop and run the TutuApp program. At startup, you will be prompted to add it to a reliable source, you do not need to do this, click “Cancel”.
  • In the “General Settings” section of the “Device Management” section, add the Xiamen Cloud Top Information Technologies Co profile to trusted sources.
  • After that, you can create the WhatsApp Messenger option. You need to open a recently installed application, click Get Now and follow the instructions.
  • If TutuApp offers to install data protection software, be sure to do it. After starting, the main program window will open – the application store, which differs from GoogleAppStore.
  • With it, install the second Vac. Find whatsapp ++ in the search bar, click on it and install. It remains to wait for the installation to complete and run the Votsap shortcut.
  • Next, you allow access to contacts, confirm the phone number and you’re done.

The second application is created, you can chat, send files – use all functions. One caveat: sometimes ads will be shown.

Whatsapp business

This application is used by small business owners. It looks the same as an ordinary messenger.

In addition to the main functions, the business account in Vatsap has additional (advanced) options:

  • Company Profile. You can make a description of the company, give useful information about your products or services to customers. Most importantly, the ability to add an address, website and email.
  • The quick answers feature allows you to save time and quickly answer standard and frequently asked questions. Permanently sent messages are saved for future use..
  • With the help of shortcuts, you can organize chats and contacts for their quick and easy search if necessary..
  • With the help of automatic messages you can answer customers even when you are not in place or you are busy. So you make it clear to people that you’ll contact them or solve the problem within a while..
  • Statistics allows you to see the number of messages read, sent and received. Shows how effective mailing lists are..

One of the advantages of Votsap for business is support for the desktop version of a laptop or PC. This is convenient for companies and employees using the messenger as the main channel for interacting with customers or as a care service..

Simply set up auto messages for reminders, greetings, and notifications.

You can download the program from Google Play, then you need to confirm the mobile or landline number of the company.

After opening a business account, the organization confirms its profile and receives a green or gray checkmark. Verified accounts have a green checkmark, verified accounts have a gray checkmark.

Confirmation of the company is at the discretion of Whatsapp and depends on fame, the number of years on the market and the image of the company.

Third Party Tools

There are software solutions offered by third-party companies for working in two Votsap accounts.

Among them, it is worth highlighting TweakBox – a mobile application service similar to Google.

Install it first, and then confirm the use:

  • You need to go to the “Menu”, select “Basic Settings”, then go to “Profiles and Device Management”.
  • Then you need to confirm your trust in Daemon Sunshine Technology and choose Whatsapp++.

You need to know that unlicensed software for iPhone is potentially dangerous.

When installing unofficial applications, all information, apple id and password can be stolen.

Unlicensed software should be used with caution.

There is no data which servers are used for correspondence. The appearance of advertising – the shortcomings of the software “++”.

The safest solution is to buy a second Iphone and not use unknown programs.

If you can’t get another iPhone, use the additional option.

To do this, you do not have to hack or jailbreak the device:

  • Download and install Watsup from GoogleAppStore in the standard way. Using the primary phone number, activate the device.
  • To add a 2nd account, launch the Safari browser.
  • Go to, from the services offered, select WhatsApp2.
  • Under the application icon, click on the green button.
  • In the dialog box that opens, you will be asked to put the developer certificate on the iPhone. Confirm and click “Install”.
  • While Watsup 2 is installed, close the browser.

After the installation is completed, in the basic settings section, you will need to confirm your trust with the VNE Software and … certificate. The second copy of Votsap can be launched on your Iphone.