Install WhatsApp on Windows 10 fast and free

WhatsApp – Popular application for free messaging and media files, as well as making regular and video calls. If earlier the messenger was available for download only on a smartphone, today it is possible to install it on a PC with Windows 10.

The procedure for installing the program on a computer is different from downloading to a phone, because in this article we will give detailed instructions on how to start using Vatsap on a Windows 10 computer.

Features of WhatsApp for Windows 10

WhatsApp on PC for Windows 10, in general, is no different from the mobile version of the application. Here, just as on the gadget, there is everything for convenient communication.

Reference: the official desktop version of the application downloaded from the website of its creators does not support the function of making video and regular calls.

Pros and cons of running an application on a computer

WhatsApp Benefits on Windows 10.

Like any program, WhatsApp for Windows 10 has its drawbacks. But before moving on to them, one cannot fail to note the merits of an application for a laptop and PC:

  • Full synchronization with the mobile version, which allows you to see “one picture” in the green chat on both the phone and the PC.
  • The desktop option also allows you to change profile settings.
  • Fast data transfer speed, convenient typing on the keyboard, large screen – the undoubted advantages of working with a messenger on a PC.

Now about the flaws on WhatsApp Windows 10:

  • Inability to call and chat on video.
  • The account is tied to a mobile device, so when the smartphone is turned off, the program on the computer will not work.

Instructions for downloading and installing the application

We came to the main question, how and where to download WhatsApp for Windows 10. In addition to the official website of the client, there are other ways to use the messenger on your computer: the web version of Votsap from the same manufacturers and the tricky method – using an emulator program.

Using the web interface

Super ability for those who do not want to bother. No need to download, install, etc.. The main thing is the presence of the Internet, any browser and gadget at hand for logging in.

In order to start communicating through WhatsApp web for Windows 10, you need:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Launch WA on a smartphone.
  • Enable the QR scanner, which is located in the menu (the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner) by the link “WhatsApp Web”.
  • On the browser page with the open site on the right, you will see a QR code. Scan it with your phone camera..

Using a QR code

Activating WhatsApp with a QR Code.

Here we will focus on downloading the desktop version of the WhatsApp application for a Windows 10 computer. However, first you need to determine the bit depth of the OS (32 or 64):

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Right-click on the line “This computer”.
  • Further “Properties”.
  • In the information about the system, find the item “Type of system”, where necessary characteristics will be indicated.

Now, directly to installing WhatsApp for a Windows 10 computer:

  • Go to the official website of the messenger.
  • Click Download.
  • Next, select the version to download depending on the bit depth of your PC.
  • Go through the installation process of the downloaded file, following the instructions of the installer.
  • Turn on the desktop version of WA, there you will see a QR code.
  • Scan this code with a scanner in your mobile version of the application. You can find it by the link “WhatsApp Web” located in the menu (ellipsis icon).

Using other services

Why use other services if there are two official and proven methods? And then, that the method that we will tell you about allows us to reduce the disadvantages of the previous ones to nothing. Namely: use Votsap without the included mobile phone and make calls and video calls to the vatsap directly from the computer.

For everything to work out, you need to download a special emulator utility. We recommend BlueStacks. The essence of this program is that it creates an environment on a PC similar to Android OS on smartphones.

Install WhatsApp with BlueStacks.

So, whatsapp can be downloaded to a Windows 10 computer using the utility as follows:

  • Download program.
  • Run her.
  • Go through the Google Account Authorization process. I need the same account that is attached to your mobile device.
  • Looking to find Votsap.
  • Upload it.
  • Next, you need to turn on the mobile version of WA and scan the QR-code that appears (see paragraph 6 of the previous section of the article).

Attention: the utility takes up too much space in the device’s RAM, therefore, it can affect the stable operation of the system. Also, this method does not provide proper data transfer security, as it is not official and controlled by WA developers..

How to use the program on a computer

Using the computer version of the application on a PC is no different from controlling a smartphone. The program interface is almost identical on both versions.

What can WhatsApp on Windows 10

The computer version of the messenger is able to provide the user with capabilities similar to the mobile version, namely:

  • Receive and send text messages
  • dilute correspondence with media content and emoji;
  • create group chats and participate in them;
  • send voice messages;
  • change profile settings.

However, there is one exception – calls and video chats from a PC cannot be made.


The desktop version of Votsap for Windows 10 is not quite complete, because it does not work without an activated smartphone and is limited in its ability to diversify communication using calls. However, in our opinion, this does not detract from the benefits of working with a messenger on a PC.