How to change background in WhatsApp

In the WhatsApp application, you can choose a different design using standard themes and your own images. This feature is available in different versions on Android, iOS and Windows. There are simple instructions on how to change the background in Vatsap on your smartphone and computer..

How to change wallpaper on whatsapp

Changing the background in WhatsApp is quick and easy in the chat settings of the messenger. It can always be returned to the standard and configured individually for different contacts..

WhatsApp allows you to set both standard color wallpapers for chat and your own wallpaper from the gallery.

There are several ways to change wallpapers on your PC and smartphone in Votsap:

  • standard – installed by default after installation;
  • color selection – solid fill without patterns and patterns;
  • Download from gallery – select photos, pictures, wallpapers from what is on the phone;
  • the choice of themes from special applications – entire catalogs with a large selection of topics that you need to download to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

All wallpaper installation options work in the messenger itself and are independent of the operating system. They are similar for Android and iPhone. Only some details differ. In the computer version, this function has some limitations..

You can use special applications, such as WhatsApp Wallpaper, to select beautiful chat wallpapers. After installation, the backgrounds from it will be available in the messenger. When changing the design, you will need to click on the name of the application.

On the iPhone

The procedure for changing the screen saver in “Vatsap” on iPhone devices:

  • Launch the Vatsap application.
  • Go to Settings, select Chats and Calls.
  • Click on “Chat Wallpaper”.
  • Choose from the proposed options “Library” (from the standard ones), “Photos” (your photos and pictures from your phone) or “Solid” (one-color).
  • Click “Install” on the screen of the desired wallpaper.

In the “Chat Wallpaper” section, you can reset the settings to default.

To change the chat wallpaper in WhatsApp on iOS you need to go to “Settings-Chat-Chat Wallpaper” and select a picture from the options.

On Android

The procedure for changing the design on Android devices:

  • Launch the application, go to the “Menu” section by clicking on the icon in the form of three dots.
  • Go to “Chat Settings”.
  • Click on “Wallpaper” and select from “Gallery”, “Library”.
  • Go to the desired image and click “Install”.

In web version

In the computer version of the messenger it is possible to change only the general background for all dialogs. The feature for setting an individual chat image will appear shortly.

You can put a new background in the web version of the application as follows:

  • Launch the application, click on the call icon at the top.
  • Select “Settings”, then go to “Wallpaper”.
  • Click on the desired image..

You cannot upload your photos and pictures in the PC version.

To change the wallpaper in WhatsApp to Andoid and the web version, go to “Settings-Chats-Wallpapers” and select a picture from the desired folder.

Is it possible to make different backgrounds in different chats

The ability to set different images for chat is implemented on smartphones. You need to go into a separate conversation, go to settings, select “Wallpaper” and select the desired image.

Such an action can be done with each dialogue. This feature allows you to better navigate in the correspondence, to separate friendly and business correspondence and just change the design for a change.

How to set individual wallpaper on contact

Setting an individual background for a contact involves performing the same steps as when changing the picture for individual chats. If you change the image not in the application menu, but in the dialog itself, it will not change in other conversations.

Dark theme features

Since 2018, Vatsap has a “night” clearance mode. It involves changing the color of the entire application to a dark theme, the text, when activated, turns white, and the icons green. This feature allows you to reduce eye strain and power consumption of phones that are equipped with OLED and AMOLED screens. Black design can be set in the application settings.