What to do if WhatsApp is not updated

WhatsApp is popular with millions of users worldwide. Developers regularly release useful add-ons that are installed automatically or by visiting the application directory. If Vatsap is not updated, the problem lies in the lack of an Internet connection, incorrect operation of the operating system or lack of free space.

Why WhatsApp is not updated

Sometimes when updating the application errors occur. The procedure depends on the cause of their occurrence..

On Android

Common factors that prevent you from updating the messenger on your Android smartphone include:

  • Lack of internet connection. Because of this, starting the update becomes impossible. Check if data transfer is enabled..
  • Manual update crashes. If the procedure cannot be completed by the user, it is worth entrusting this action to the system. To do this, set the appropriate settings in the Play Store.
  • Lack of free memory. The problem is solved by deleting unnecessary files from the smartphone.
  • Clogged cache. With frequent visits to Internet pages, applications and games, a lot of files appear in virtual memory. They are deleted through the phone’s application manager..
  • Other errors. If the reasons discussed above are not found, you can try reinstalling Watsup. To do this, go to the Play Market. Find WhatsApp in the list of applications, click the “Delete” button. After the procedure is completed, the program is reinstalled.

On iphone

IPhone owners most often come across these reasons for the inability to update the application:

If a user blocks automatic updates of the App Store, then none of the downloaded
applications will not be able to install the latest version.

  • Communication problems. To exclude or confirm this malfunction, try to load any page in the browser.
  • Change App Store settings. The store automatically updates all installed programs. Sometimes users block this function, forgetting about it. In this case, Vatsap is not updated automatically.
  • Failures in the work of the messenger itself. Removing Vatsap with subsequent reinstallation helps to cope with the problem. Before starting uninstallation, create backup copies of correspondence, media files, contacts. After that, they clear the phone’s cache, check the internal memory using a special utility.

Instructions on how to update WhatsApp

The update method depends on the type of operating system on which the smartphone or tablet works..


Android is the most common OS with a clear interface. The update procedure lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Update whatsapp on android in three steps.

To do this, perform the following actions:

  • If Vatsap is open, it needs to be deactivated. This is done using the task manager..
  • Check the quality of the Internet connection. If traffic is limited, make sure that it is enough to download add-ons. A minimum of 20 MB is required for the correct download..
  • Go to the Play Store program directory by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars at the top of the screen, enter the menu.
  • In the list that opens, select the item “Installed applications and games”. A menu opens in which you need to find the “Updates” section. This is a list of programs that need to be reinstalled..
  • Find WhatsApp. Click on the “Update” key. Using the OK button, confirm the actions.


The order of updating the messenger in this case is slightly different. Downloading add-ons to your iOS phone is easier.

Updating whatsapp on iphone is easy.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Check that the smartphone is connected to the Internet correctly. Check if there are traffic restrictions..
  • Close the previously used application. If this is not done, some extensions may not install..
  • Launch the AppStore program directory. At the bottom of the window is the “Updates” tab. In the list of applications that require the installation of add-ons, Vatsap is found. Click the “Update” button, wait for the completion of the procedure. After that, the program can be used in the usual mode..

On tablet

You can install or update Vatsap only on a tablet with a SIM card. This is due to the fact that the application asks for a phone number.

The update method depends on the type of operating system that the mobile gadget is based on. All actions can be performed using the official WhatsApp service. To do this, download the installation file, open and run it.

How to disable whatsapp update

To prohibit automatic updates, you need to go to the app store settings. Here they find the desired item, in the list that opens, put a checkmark next to the inscription “Never.” In this case, updating the program to the latest version will not be observed. The user will receive notifications about the release of new extensions, which will allow him to independently decide on the need to download.

How to update the application without Play Market

Sometimes users do not have access to the service. This is due to several reasons, but when the store does not work correctly, updating applications becomes impossible.

In this case, the necessary actions are performed manually. Find and download the installation file of the latest version messenger. This is done using the phone or computer itself. The downloaded file is opened on the smartphone, the installation process begins.

Problems and errors

If an error occurs during the installation due to lack of memory or incompatibility of Vatsap with the operating system, they refuse to use the application. Do not try to download third-party programs.

Vatsap does not open after update

The cause of the sudden closure of the program may be a system failure..

If the program does not open, check the remaining traffic. When the volume allocated for a month is exhausted, the work of the messenger stops. They want to have opportunities when Vatsap works without the Internet. Another reason is considered a system failure. In this case, the application gives an error code. When loading a damaged file, WhatsApp cannot recognize which add-ons to run.

How to update Vatsap on the phone without a password and login

You can update the application without entering authorization data. Login and password are optional. However, the phone must be equipped with a SIM card for subsequent confirmation of the number.