What is WhatsApp Plus – program features and installation

Fans of simple communication download the official green messenger. Those who care about the interface and the Always Online status prefer an extended version of the application. It is unofficial, so downloading from the Internet can harm the phone – bring a trojan or other virus into the device. Let’s see how WhatsApp Plus free download.

What is WhatsApp Plus

This application is for calls, text, video and audio messaging, file transfer. WhatsApp Plus is the same green messenger, but with additional features. OGWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus – one program under different names. The functionality of the three utilities is completely the same.

Previously, the application was downloaded from the official site of Vatsap Plus. Now installation is possible only from third-party sources, because the creator of the messenger has stopped developing an update for the program.

Features and differences of the application

The old versions of 2015, 2016, 2017 are not very different from the original messenger.

The last ultima WhatsApp Plus 2018 has many add-ons:

  • the maximum size of the uploaded file is 30 MB. In the original messenger – only 16 MB;
  • the storage of images for the background of dialogs has become more diverse;
  • The maximum call duration is 1 hour. In the official Watsap – 30 minutes;
  • profile picture is hiding;
  • The emoticon is searched by name. For example, when you enter the word “love”, the system will display hearts;
  • you can password protect the messenger: no user will launch the application if he does not know the combination of letters and numbers. To do this, go to Settings -> Customization -> Blocking;
  • hide the status of “Online” or set to “Always online.” To do this, tap on three points on top and “Privacy”. In the drop-down menu, select the appropriate settings;
  • added pending message mode. To do this, select “Message Scheduler” in the settings;
  • Maximum status length is 255 characters. In the official version – 125;
  • when you send more than one file from the gallery, they can be selected at the same time. In the official messenger, you first need to tap on one document, and then, by clicking on the gallery button, add others;
  • the message is deleted in both people. In ordinary Watsap, the message was cleaned only by one person;
  • Dialer FAB software installed. Do not add the interlocutor to the contacts – dial his number and talk directly in the application. To do this, go to the “Calls” section and click on the keyboard button in the lower right corner;
  • the notification that you are typing a message or recording “voice” is turned off. To do this, in the privacy settings, select “Hide status” prints “.

WhatsApp Plus Version Overview

Previously, the creator of an unofficial program was constantly modifying the application. WhatsApp Plus new version – 6.20. Now the developer does not release updates for the messenger, so you can not download it from the official site. When you enter the page, text appears. It states that it is impossible to install Vatsap Plus from this resource.

How to install the program

Download WhatsApp Plus the latest version on both your smartphone and computer. But the installation algorithm for different devices is different: for iPhone there is no direct link for installation, you can’t download the messenger to your computer in the same way either.

To phone

Downloading on Android and iPhone is fundamentally different. Choose your operating system and read the installation instructions. Do not deviate from the plan.


To install Vatsap on your phone, first uninstall the original application from the device and download Cydia Impactor to your computer. Unzip the file by clicking on it. Click “Run”.


  • Open the iTunes store. He is on every iPhone.
  • In the search bar, enter “messenger for whatsapp plus”.
  • Connect iPhone to computer using USB cable.
  • Open Cydia Impactor. Activate the search bar – click on it.
  • Drive in whatsapp plus. Launch the messenger.
  • The system will prompt you to enter your Apple ID and password. After receiving this data, she will install the application on a smartphone.
  • Close Cydia Impactor. Disconnect the phone from the computer: remove the USB cable from each device.
  • In the “Settings”, find the Basic settings -> Profiles and device management.
  • Click “Trust” opposite the messenger.


To download Vatsapa Plus on Android, first copy all correspondence. To do this, go to the messenger and follow this path: Settings -> Chats -> Chat backup. Click last. After the message history is saved, delete the original WhatsApp.

Take a look at your phone’s settings and find the “Security” section. Tap on the words “Unknown sources”.

Now do the following:

  • Download the messenger from here.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • A window appears with a list of applications that Vatsap wants to access. Click “Next”.
  • Tap “Install.” Wait for installation.
  • The program icon will appear in the application menu.

To download Vatsapa Plus for Android, the operating system in the smartphone must be at least 2.3. Any brand of smartphone – Samsung, LG, Nokia and so on.

Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

On computer

In order for you to download WhatsApp Plus for free, you need to install the messenger using Android or IOS emulators. The principle of loading on operating systems is different. Follow the instructions and do not deviate from it.

Windows 7/8/10 / XP

You cannot download the messenger to a computer or laptop via a direct link. You can make a download only through emulators. To do this, select the platform and install it from the official site.

For Android and IOS simulators, the loading order of Vatsap Plus is different. Read the instructions and do not deviate from it.


Download one of the emulators: NowPlayer, Bluestacks from the official site. Open the file and click “Run.” Choose a place where the utility will be stored. Click Install.

If the system prompts you to install third-party browsers and programs, then refuse it by unchecking the boxes next to each software.

Download WhatsApp Plus via emulator.

Wait for the emulator to load. Then go into it.

  • Open browser.
  • Download the messenger here: Download Free.
  • Click on the downloaded apk file.
  • The application will list the sections of the phone that it will access. Click Next, then Install.
  • Wait for installation.

To use Vatsap Plus, open the emulator every time: find it in Start or click on the shortcut on the desktop.


Before installing Vatsap Plus, the Cydia Impactor utility must be loaded on the computer. Open the downloaded file, select the location of the software and click “Install.” When you run the program, it will ask you for an Apple ID. To find out, open the iTunes Store and go to the Music page. Scroll to the bottom. There you will find Apple ID.

Then download one of the emulators for iOS: iPadian IPhone Emulator, Air IPhone Emulator. Click on the downloaded file, select a software storage location, click Install. When the computer prompts you to install third-party services, uncheck the boxes next to each utility. Wait for the emulator to install. Open it.


  • Go to iTunes. The application is installed on every iPhone.
  • Click to activate the search bar. Type messenger for whatsapp plus.
  • Open Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  • Re-activate the search field, type “whatsapp plus”.
  • In the window that appears, specify your Apple ID and password.
  • Exit Cydia Impactor. Now you do not need this program.
  • Open the emulator and find the settings. Follow the path Basic Settings -> Profiles and device management.
  • Near the messenger, click “Trust”.

Open the emulator every time you want to use Vatsap Plus for free. To do this, open Start and type “whatsapp plus” or click on the shortcut on the desktop.

Register and communicate

Tap on the Watsap Plus icon twice. The application will start. It will ask if you can access your contacts and media files. Click Allow. The screen for entering the number appears..

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Copy WhatsApp Data.” Scroll up.

Now write the phone in a special field. Within a minute, an SMS with an activation code will come. It is usually administered by itself. If you don’t have it, then add a numerical combination manually.

Click “Send again” or “Call me” if the code has not arrived. In the latter case, the numbers will be voiced by artificial intelligence.

WhatsApp Plus Reviews

According to users, the messenger is ideal for those who care about the profile picture, application design. If you send a lot of information to another person, Vatsap Plus 2019 is much better than the official version of the program, because the volume of transferred files there is limited.

Users note the main minus of the application: people periodically receive a ban in the messenger for 24 hours. The developers of the official Vatsap explain the blocking by the fact that profile information can get to attackers. Be prepared to relax for a day from communication. Ability to rebuild – account recovery – present.


Download the new version of WhatsApp Russian, British, Italians, Japanese, Spaniards, entering the key query “WhatsApp descargar” on the Internet. You will like the extended version of the messenger if even small details of the interface are important. For iPhone and computer, there is no direct download link – the application is installed only using emulators.