Whatsapp has gone dark

The developers of the popular messenger have expanded the utility interface. Now users can change the theme to a dark, gothic version.


Updates touched …

So far, the changes are available to members of the WhatsApp beta program. And then only those whose smartphones, tablets work with Android 10.

When installing a dark theme, the application interface will replace the usual colors with black, blue and gray. In total, two variations are available – more Gothic and not.

How to get involved

It is enough to apply to become a member of the WhatsApp beta testing team. You can do it this way:

  •   Open the page of the official website of the company with the United States domain.
  •   In the “Feedback” section, select the appropriate category.
  •   Fill in the information with the correct information.
  •   Confirm Shipment.

The candidate will receive a response to the approval or rejection of the application within seven business days to the indicated number in the WhatsApp system.

How to change the theme

Users who are part of the messenger team can update the utility interface. For this:

  • Open app.
  • Go to the settings by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right of the screen.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • Move the slider to the right opposite the corresponding command.

Important: for other users the function is not displayed.

Regardless of whether you are a participant in the testing program or not, you need to update the application periodically. This will allow:

  •         Improve the messenger interface and functionality;
  •         protect from hacks, hacker attacks;
  •         increase integration with other utilities.

Download WhatsApp from the official website, App Store, Play Store and Windows Market is free. With a stable connection, the installation lasts two minutes. Registered users will not need re-authorization. The program will “pull” the client on its own.