Why WhatsApp is not installed on the phone

Installing a messenger on your phone is easy. To do this, the application is found in the Play Market or AppStore and downloaded. The program is installed automatically, but sometimes it crashes. Understanding why Vatsap is not downloading will help you perform simple actions..


Types of errors and solutions

Problems arise due to problems with the Internet connection, lack of memory, system errors.

Not enough memory

Vatsap does not take up much space on an internal or external drive. However, additional space is reserved for the storage of correspondence, audio and video files. If the messenger is not installed, the reason may be the lack of free space on the device. Find out the relevant information in the “Settings”, in the “Memory” section.

To clear the space, perform the following steps:

  • Delete unnecessary programs, media files. To do this, use a document manager or a special utility.
  • Free the cache. To delete temporary objects go to the application manager, select the ones you need from the list. Touching the screen brings up a context menu. The list contains the item “Clear cache and cookies”.
  • Transfer part of the information to a memory card.

About 100 MB is required for the installation and normal operation of Vatsap.

Error 24

The appearance of the “Error 24” code on the display indicates the formation of temporary files that appear during repeated unsuccessful attempts to install the messenger. These electronic documents are located in the system folder, which prevents the application from downloading. Deleting an object in the standard way fails. To solve the problem, they use the radical method – return to factory settings.

Problems with Google Play

Disruptions in the Google Play service are the main reason for the inability to download Vatsap. In this case, the code “Error 11” appears on the screen. To eliminate the error, perform the following actions:

  • In the list of smartphone widgets, they’ll find the settings icon. Most often it looks like a gear.
  • Select the “Applications” section. Listed google play.
  • Use the “Stop” function. After that, they go to the Google account. The account is deleted using the control panel. Register in the system again.

An example of a download error is “problems with Google Play”.

After the procedure is completed, the phone is rebooted, the installation of the messenger is repeated. Using a new account eliminates the error.

Task Manager Fails

This system tool is used when setting up the phone, however, it may prevent the downloading of new applications, including Whatsapp Deactivating the task manager fixes the problem with installing the program. After the download is complete, the tool is downloaded again or returned to the active state..

Incompatible operating system

The messenger is compatible with most modern operating systems. You can install the application on devices running Android 2.3 and above, iOS, Windows Phone. The gadget should send short messages, receive calls. Old versions of operating systems cannot interact with Vatsap.

Error downloading WhatsApp due to not reading it on the device.

WhatsApp is not available in the country

Using a software product in some countries is prohibited. In this case, it is impossible to install a messenger, because in the application store its official version is missing.

Vatsap is downloaded from the developer’s site as an installation file. In the smartphone settings allow downloading objects from third-party sources.

The application is already installed on the device

The appearance of the Error 403 code indicates that the messenger is already installed on the phone. Check this by going to the settings section. WhatsApp will be in the list of applications. If an old or non-working version is downloaded, it is uninstalled using a special utility or program page.

IPhone Problem Solving

Download social network for free iPhone users can only from third-party sources. In this case, download failures often occur, caused by the refusal to install objects from an unofficial store. There are other factors that cause errors..

WhatsApp App on iPhone.

Check your internet connection

Internet connection instability is a common cause of download crashes. If you cannot download Vatsap to iPhone, perform the following actions:

  • Evaluate network signal quality. After that, they see if mobile data transmission is active. Less often, a failure occurs due to the exhaustion of the provided traffic volume..
  • Determine Wi-Fi signal strength. To do this, try to access the Internet from another device. If there is no connection, reboot the router or change the settings. In other cases, contact the provider.

Switch from mobile internet to Wi-Fi and back

Sometimes there are malfunctions in the smartphone. In this case, change the way you connect to the Internet. The gadget responds to this action by establishing a new connection. If the access point works correctly, and the application still does not download, reboot the device. It is also possible to restart network components, for this include flight mode.

Sync with iTunes

If all methods are ineffective, iPhone will sync with iTunes. The option is quite complicated, but sometimes it is the only way to eliminate the error. To implement it, perform the following steps:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer..
  • Synchronize your phone with a PC. Log in to the downloaded application, check the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. It should work continuously, which allows you to install programs on a smartphone.

It is possible that the provider is not cooperating with some services. They may be blocked or inaccessible. In this case, before installing iTunes, they change the device’s DNS address.