Fingerprint blocking WhatsApp chats

In the modern world of technology, information protection comes first. This is especially true of network activities. To support the trend and attract more customers, messenger developers update utilities almost daily.

WhatsApp is no exception. The creators of the application made the program even more reliable for Android users. Interestingly, iPhone codes were published for download a few months earlier. This is due to increased information security and related requirements by Apple management..

Update Features

Downloading new application codes has led to the fact that now the messenger can be locked and unlocked with a fingerprint. Previously, this was only available to iPhone owners with a Touch ID and Face ID.

“The quick protection function allows you to protect correspondence, multimedia from prying eyes. Delaying a program lock is beneficial when a device is lost. So, even after unlocking the device, attackers will not be able to get to the messenger, the developers say. “You can cancel the command in the utility settings per second”.

The creators also announced the release of an updated program. The launch of WhatsApp codes is scheduled for January 2020. Among the improvements are additional message encryption, internal cloud storage and more..

Team Activation

To enable quick blocking of conversations using a fingerprint:

  •       Open utility.
  •       Go to Settings.
  •       Select “Account”, section “Privacy”.
  •       Tap “Fingerprint Lock”.
  •       Move the slider to the right next to the command “Unlock using fingerprint”.
  •       Indicate the activation speed of the setting: immediately, after one minute or half an hour.
  •       Set up read sensor.

Important: the function works only if there is an appropriate scanner on the device.

If a fingerprint unlock command is connected to the smartphone, you do not need to confirm the scan in the application. You only need to activate the protection.

To use the feature, you must upgrade WhatsApp to the latest version. To do this, go to App Store or Play Market. Registered users will not need re-authorization. The utility will automatically “pull up” the client’s account by phone number.