How to add Telegram stickers to WhatsApp

Users try to diversify communication by adding bright colorful pictures to their correspondence. Knowing how to transfer stickers from Telegram to Vatsap, you can add emotional coloring to the dialogs.

What are stickers and why are they needed

Stickers allow you to convey emotions most vividly.

The English word “sticker” in translation means “sticker, label.” Most often, such pictures depict humorous moments, comic inscriptions. With their help, emotions are transmitted, the mood improves. Stickers replace words, turning text messages into an exchange of “memes”. In some cases, they are sent instead of the standard phrase.

Unlike emoticons, which schematically express the feelings of the interlocutors with the help of special characters, most stickers can be considered full-fledged works of art. Grotesque images of famous people, animal drawings, funny faces – far from a complete list of their varieties.

Funny pictures can be downloaded for free on the Internet. But most users with visual talent prefer personal creativity. Homemade stickers are original and able to give a new meaning to traditional correspondence.

Step-by-step instructions for transferring stickers from Telegram to Vatsap

WhatsApp developers have expanded the messenger functionality with the ability to send humorous pictures in messages. You can find and download them on phones with iOS and Android operating systems in the free app stores Story and Play Market. Files are laid out in a format suitable for both Vatsap and Telegram.

There are only about 10 sets. Therefore, Android users are attracted by the availability of import stickers (stickers) from Telegram.

The procedure for transferring pictures consists of several steps:

There are also special applications.

  • copy to the clipboard a link to download the selected set of stickers in Telegram;
  • start the boot machine;
  • Unzip the ZIP file with the package of stickers on your mobile device;
  • transfer a set of drawings to Vatsap.

Getting a link to download the desired package of stickers in Telegram


  • Log in to your Telegram account
  • by clicking on 3 horizontal lines in the upper part of the display, find the section “Chat settings”;
  • open the Stickers and Masks tab;
  • Choose a set of stickers of interest;
  • activate link copy option.

To complete the last step, click on 3 transverse points above the image packet. In the window that opens, click on the “Copy” button. The necessary files are saved in the clipboard. In order not to lose data, you can use e-mail, Google Drive or another way to store information on a computer or phone. You can send the copied link to one of the instant messenger chats.

Startup Boot Bot

Special robot programs are responsible for downloading stickers. In another way they are also called WhatsApp bots.

To start, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your Telegram profile
  • using the search function, find sticker downloader in the application;
  • enter the cipher “/ menu”;
  • in the window that appears, mark “Settings”;
  • choose the Webp format from the list;
  • open chat with bot;
  • send a message to the robotic program containing the information copied in the previous section;
  • wait for an answer with a link to download a set of stickers and make a duplicate.

As a result of the above actions, the archived file with a set of stickers gets into the Telegram Documents folder.

Unzipping a zip file on a smartphone

To extract a document from the archive on a smartphone, you will need to install a special application. It can be found and downloaded on the Internet..

After waiting for the download to complete, you should run the downloaded archiver program on the Android device. The next step is to open the folder in which the Telegram documents are stored. Select the ZIP file with the downloaded images and unzip it. You can rename a block of stickers by inventing an original name. For storage in the memory of the mobile phone will require a separate place. It is recommended to create a special folder for this..

Import stickers on WhatsApp

The last stage of the procedure is uploading drawings to the messenger. You must first download and install a special program on your smartphone. Translated from English, it is called “Personal stickers for Vatsap”.

Further actions are performed in the following order:

Adding your own stickers is easy and convenient..

  • run the utility “Personal stickers for WhatsApp”;
  • in the lower right part of the interface, click “+”;
  • mark the desired pictures;
  • agree with the proposal to add a set of drawings to the messenger by pressing the corresponding button in the pop-up window.

Upon completion of the procedure, you need to log in to your Vatsap account. In the application, open the “Stickers” menu. Images imported from Telegram will replenish sticker gallery in WhatsApp user’s personal account.

If you wish, you can share funny pictures with friends. To do this, you need to send a file to the interlocutor in the message. The user will only have to upload it to his page using the “Personal stickers” program.