How to call WhatsApp from a smartphone

Using the WhatsApp messenger, users can not only communicate using messages, but also call their friends. By installing the application on a smartphone, you can save on paying for services of mobile operators. In this regard, many are interested in how to call Watsup for free.

WhatsApp calls paid or free

Through Whatsapp, you can call without payment even to another country. The main thing is that users have the application installed. It will not be possible to connect only with emergency services (police, ambulance, etc.) and the owners of a laptop, computer or landline phone.

If both subscribers who want to talk have paid Internet traffic on their phone or connected Wi-Fi, the service fee will not be charged. If someone does not have an Internet connection, you can make calls to Vatsap at the rates of a mobile operator.

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How to call WhatsApp from your phone through your contact list

You can call friends for free when the Internet is turned on, without using the application. To do this:

  • Go to your contact list.
  • Find the right subscriber: if he has this messenger installed, his name will be duplicated.
  • Check which line corresponds to the number on the network, select the desired.
  • In the “Information” column, from the opened list of functions, select “Free call”.
  • Confirm call start.

How to call WhatsApp itself

You can only call on a mobile phone connected to the Internet. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to the app.
  • In the “Chats” section in the lower right corner, find the green circle and click on it.
  • In the contact list that opens, select the name of the desired subscriber.
  • After the chat opens, on the top panel find the sign with the image of the handset and click on it.
  • Confirm Call.

If you select the camera sign in the top line of the chat, a video call will be made.

There is another way to contact friends:

  • After launching the application, go to the “Calls” section.
  • Click the green handset icon located in the lower right corner.
  • Select a username and click on it.

If the subscriber is online, he will hear a signal and will be able to answer the call.

Watsup call.

To call a new number, you have to go into the application and click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner. Then you should type in the search number the contact number and the magnifying glass at the bottom of the keyboard. Then you need to click on the tube at the end of the line with the result found and confirm the action.

The developers have provided the possibility of group calls. 4 people can talk. Before starting communication, all participants must make sure the quality of the Internet connection. Call quality will depend on the participant with the lowest level of communication..

You can start communication in three ways..

From the list of groups:

  • select the desired group;
  • click on the line “Group call”;
  • Add contacts to participate in the conversation
  • click on the “Audio Call” button.

From individual chats:

  • open a chat with one of the contacts;
  • select “Audio Call”;
  • after the subscriber answers, find the “Add Member” button and click on it;
  • in the contact list that opens, find the right users and invite them to a conversation.

From the “Calls” section:

  • go to the “Call” tabs > “New group call”;
  • select usernames and add them to the conversation;
  • Click “Audio Call”.

Remember that you cannot invite contacts you have blocked or blocked. After the start of the conversation, it will not be possible to remove any of the participants, unless they themselves want to leave the conversation. In principle, in a similar way, you can call WhatsApp from a computer.

WhatsApp app.

How to answer a call

When they try to contact you in Vatsap, an audible signal will sound and an inscription about an incoming call will appear on the screen. To receive the call, you need to swipe up to the light green mug with the tube icon depicted on it.

If there is no desire or ability to talk, you can draw on the red icon. By clicking on the chat icon, you can explain to the user about the reason for refusing to chat in a short message.

How to switch from a regular call to video calling and vice versa

After answering an incoming audio call, you can enable video calling. To do this, during the conversation, you need to click on the icon with the camera image. The interlocutor at this moment will receive a notification about the proposal to include the image. He will be able to accept or reject it..

To turn off video communication, click on the icon with a crossed out camera. The interlocutor will no longer see you. He will be able to turn off the video broadcast for his part or leave it turned on.

Why do not pass calls to WhatsApp and what to do

The reasons for the situation when subscribers cannot receive calls in Vatsap may be different:

  • lack of internet;
  • the user’s phone does not support calls;
  • access point failure or firewall blocking;
  • restriction of use of the application in the country.

Possible solutions to problems:

  • restarting the internet;
  • service update or smartphone replacement;
  • reconfiguring the application or contacting a service center.

In the case of a ban on the use of Vatsap in the territory of any country, nothing can be done. In case of violation of laws, the user may be held administratively liable..