How to install whatsapp on java phone

For mobile phones that use the Java platform, you cannot download the popular messenger from the official source – the Google Play Market (if the models are outdated). The OS of such devices uses codes different from those used in the manufacture of modern devices. However, there are ways to download the application to older phones..

Let’s talk about how to download Whatsapp 2019 to mobile java.

What versions of Whatsapp work on a Java phone

A device with program codes written in Java allows you to download any version of the messenger. But it’s better to download the newest one, since it is improved, the developers took into account the shortcomings of the previous versions of the program.

However, legacy devices do not support the necessary data transfer methods. This somewhat “squeezes” the capabilities of the phones, but allows the use of end-to-end encryption – the principle of confidentiality of conversations.

Owners of Java are not available voice and video calls. But you can take advantage of the correspondence – create chats, send messages. These versions are equipped with various emoticon packages, other entertainment content..

Requirements and characteristics of WhatsApp for Java

WhatsApp for Java phones.

The application can be downloaded for free using various models of mobile java.

This requires a special version of the messenger, the program codes of which have the extension jar and jad, allowing them to use the java platform.

The official website of the program or the Google Play Market will not work. The Whatsapp Java file is created by third-party developers. Some smartphones also cannot download WhatsApp from an official source, it is necessary to download extension files .apk.

Step-by-step instruction

To download Vatsap to Java, you need to find on the Internet a special version of the program with the installation file of the Jar format. The process may vary slightly for individual devices, but the basic steps are the same..

You enter the name of the required file, select the source, start the download, go through the authorization process, at the end you can take advantage of the chats. Next, we will consider the main steps to become the owner of a popular messenger for mobile java owners.

Where can I download the program

Use the Internet browser search engine offered by your phone. Enter WhatsApp Java in native language or in English. You can search for a specific download file – WhatsApp Jar. This format is recommended by various sites. This is an unofficial source..

Such formats are created by third-party developers. Those who want to download WhatsApp can use them. But it is recommended to choose reliable, proven resources so as not to “catch” viruses.

How to download the application

When you entered the name Vatsap into the search engine, select and open the site you like from the browser.

Download the Jar file for your mobile. The site will offer to do this by clicking the “Run the application”, “Download WhatsApp Java”, “Start downloading” or “Download free” button. The resource may also provide a download link. The options are varied. They depend on the site..

When you see a copy of the WhatsApp icon on the screen, turn off the device. Restart the phone, open the downloaded file from the “Files” or “File Manager” application, it depends on the mobile model.

Install Vatsap on the phone.

Click the WhatsApp icon. The program installation process will start.

An item about the terms of use and privacy policy will appear. Click Accept and Continue.

The application will request access to contacts and sending notifications. Choose “Allow” or “Deny”.

Then enter the phone number from which you download the messenger. Click Next. The program will ask you to confirm the number by sending you an SMS with a 6-digit code. Fill in the specified field with them to activate Vatsap.

The messenger will offer to restore the chat history, if you used it before. Otherwise, click “Skip”.

Next, create an account. Enter a name, upload an avatar. Then click the “Next” button. The initialization process starts..

Using these steps, you can chat, create chats, send files.

Installation Rules

Java owners should download WhatsApp from trusted sources so as not to clog the device with viruses.

The phone must be connected to the Internet and it should have enough free memory to download the messenger.

Upon activation, you must enter the number of the mobile from which you will use the program.

Registration and connection

A login or password is not required. To register an account, the system will ask you to enter the phone number with which Vatsap is synchronized. The activation process is the entry of an access code. The numbers “come” in SMS, they are sent by the system.

If Whatsapp is downloaded to your Java phone, the program will automatically set the account privacy settings. Use the application menu – three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can configure your account as you wish..

Mobile Java features are available for correspondence, file sharing. The program has a well-designed interface, interactive communication mode. Go to “Chats”, “Contacts”.

The messenger will offer available users if there are Vatsap owners in the mobile phone book. Click on the desired account. A chat will open with him. Collect the message and send.

Java Phone Features

Java is a programming language and platform; it is used by Sony Ericsson and other phones. They have limited resources, equipped with a modest display. But even if these mobiles do not have touch screens or a store with applications was not developed for them, they are quite functional.

For a Java-enabled device, you can find programs on the Internet and download them to improve your phone’s capabilities..

Since modern programs are created using other codes, the Java platform needs a special extension. Some Nokia, Samsung, Philips models with a different OS can also download and install Java applications..


WhatsApp is available for various OS. Outdated models (Samsung, etc.) also have the ability to download the program. You will need to download Whatsapp Java – a file that has a special extension. Video and audio calls will not be available, but you can create chats, send files, use the entertaining content of the messenger.