Why WhatsApp messages come late

Whatsapp messages come with a delay – almost every messenger user has encountered such a problem. Often this inconvenience is resolved independently, if you understand the reason for being late.

If you’ve noticed that WhatsApp messages are delayed, it’s time to check your phone’s settings..

Main reasons

There may be several reasons for the download to fail. Depending on them, you need to look for a solution to the problem.

Lack of network

This is the most common reason. If notifications from the interlocutor do not come for a long time, then check the Internet connection first. To do this, go to the browser and try to load any page. If there is no network, the page will not load.

Poor reception of a mobile signal or just “no network”, a fairly common problem.

You can solve the situation using several options:

  • Reboot the mobile device, and then try to connect again. You may have lost your settings. You need to go into them and see if the network is configured correctly, if the “flight mode” is activated, whether the data transfer function is turned on.
  • Check the settings of Whatsapp, a smartphone for restrictions on Internet traffic.
  • Top up phone number (if the number is blocked).
  • Reboot the router and disconnect unnecessary devices (when using home wi-fi), check the connection speed. There may not be enough signal.

Background data restriction enabled

The background mode of the phone is the automatic loading of all notifications into instant messengers (sent photo, video, text messages), downloading updates for applications. In order not to waste Internet traffic, sometimes this feature is turned off.

Background data limitation.

If Whatsapp includes “Background data limitation”, then you may have problems downloading notifications. In this case, you need to go to the smartphone menu, open the “Use Whatsapp Data” tab and disable the option.

Need to change notification settings

To do this, go to the application and open the settings. Then you need to select the “Notifications” tab, in the “Messages and“ groups ”menu – set the desired number of message notifications.

Transmission Issues

When the Internet in a mobile device works well, but no messages arrive, the reason for this lies in the technical capabilities of the transmitting side.

This is easy to verify by asking you to send messages from other accounts. If they arrive without delay, then the interlocutor needs to identify the cause of the failure at home.

If messages still do not reach for a long time

The solution in this case could be the following:

  • Disable other running applications on the phone. Perhaps they crashed.
  • Remove or disable programs that do not work with the messenger and block it.
  • Go to the “Applications” menu on your mobile device and restart Whatsapp (disable, turn it back on after a few minutes). App may have crashed.
  • Check if the number is blocked and whether it is in the black list of the interlocutor. In this case, a gray checkmark will be displayed next to the text..
  • Confirm registration data. If the messenger is installed recently, you need to wait a few minutes.
  • Check the data format (number of the interlocutor) and the correctness of their entry.
  • Disable do not disturb status in the application.
  • Disable the “Energy Saving” function in the phone settings.
  • Fix Google Account Sync Failure.
  • Uninstall the application, then download and install it again from the Play Store. Before that, do not forget to back up messages and received files in the “cloud”. After installation, they will automatically return to the phone.

These are the most common problems with receiving messages. If all the settings are set by default, then there should not be any difficulties in communication in Whatsapp.