How to find out whether a message has been read in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a simple and intuitive chat application. With its help it is easy to send photos, record voice messages. Convenient messenger function – read mark. It won’t take you long to figure out how to find out if a message has been read in Vatsap.

WhatsApp has special reports that let you know who read the message and when..

How to find out what message in Vatsap has been read

If a person went into the application and read the message, then in the chat opposite your text in the window 2 blue checkmarks will appear. But if the chat window was already open in the recipient’s application, the messages are automatically marked as read, and the interlocutor can skip them, as they will come without a sound notification and will not be displayed in the notification bar of the smartphone.

When the recipient disables the ability to see the report, you will not be able to understand whether he has read the message.

You cannot determine in a group which of the users has not yet opened a chat window. Only when all participants have read the text will the checkmarks turn blue. Until at least someone has opened the chat, the checkmarks will be gray. And if the message has not yet been delivered to someone from the chat, then everyone in the group will have the “Not delivered” status, as this participant.

Message Reading Reports

In front of each sent message there are checkmarks:

  • 1 gray checkmark – your text or media file has been sent but not yet received by the recipient (he does not have a network connection or the phone is turned off);
  • 2 blue checkmarks – message sent, received and read;
  • 2 gray checkmarks – the letter was sent and received, but the recipient could see the text in the notifications on the smartphone screen, but he didn’t go to Votsap and didn’t open the text.

The hourglass sign appears when the “Send” button has been pressed, but the message will be sent when Internet access appears.

The report on reading messages in WhatsApp can be set in the settings in the “Privacy” section.

What to do if it is not visible whether the message has been read or not

Change some settings of your phone:

  • Check if power saving mode is turned on. It interferes with the work of applications, including the Votsap messenger.
  • Check in the settings of the smartphone whether all functions for the application are turned on.
  • Wait until the smartphone updates synchronization.
  • Remove the restriction on data transfer in the background.
  • Reboot device.

Often the reason is not only a program crash. Your interlocutor may be too busy and cannot answer. It may also be that you were blocked.

Is it possible to find out the time when they read the message

You can see a report on each shipment. To do this, find the data about it. This is a tab where you can see the delivery time and the time of reading or listening to the message..

Hold the window on the notification panel with your finger to display a block with functions. At the bottom there is a button “More”. Click on it and select the “Data” tab..

In “Data” you can see the exact time when the letter was opened in “Vatsap”, but only if the user has not turned off the read reports function in the privacy settings. And if the recipient has read the message sent in the notification bar of the smartphone, then the reading time cannot be found.

What to do to hide that you read the message

There are several ways not to show that you have read the message:

  • each smartphone has a notification panel where you can see a short text without opening a dialog if notifications are not prohibited;
  • if the message is long, then from the notification center, swipe to the left to see more text, but it still cannot be opened completely;
  • the full text can be read if you turn off the Internet and open a message in WhatsApp, but the recipient does not know whether the message has been read until the network access is restored.

How to make a message unread in Votsap

To turn off the message delivery notification for the interlocutor, go to the Settings tab. Find the line “Account” or “Account”, go to the tab “Privacy” or “Confidentiality”. Find read reports and turn them off. Feature only available for mobile applications..

Now all the letters that the recipient will receive will be made an unread message from both interlocutors. You will also not see the report.

Group chats do not have this feature.