How to send an invitation to a group in WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger allows you to create group chats, which can join up to 256 people. In order to attract as many participants as possible, you must first learn how to invite them to a group in Vatsap.

You can add up to 256 people to group messenger chats.

How to make an invitation to the WhatsApp group

The procedure for creating links for joining group chat in this messenger depends on the device, as well as on the operating system.

The user who created the community is appointed by the administrator. He can generate a public link in the group settings and drop it to other users. They get the right to distribute it so that friends can enter into communication.

When you go to the invitation address from a mobile device, the WhatsApp application will open, and the subscriber will be added to the group. Its participants will receive a notification and a special message. If a person who does not have a “Vatsap” clicks on the link, installation of the application and registration in this messenger will be offered. It is worth considering that the addition of new contacts to group chats occurs without the approval of the administrator.

On the iPhone

To make an invitation to chat with several participants on this device, you must select a conversation topic. Next, click the button that opens the link control window.

The address can be sent by e-mail, through a social network, copied to the IPhone clipboard or displayed on the display in the form of a two-dimensional code.

You can share a link to a group through instant messengers or social networks.

On “iPhone” you can also make an invitation to a group in “Vatsap” in another way. To do this, you need to go to the tab with correspondence, select the desired chat, swipe the screen from right to left and open an additional menu. Using it, the group information panel opens, after which the address is created..

On Android

To invite a person to the Vatsapa group from your Android smartphone, you need to:

  • Open it by launching the application and selecting the chat tab.
  • Click on the field above containing information about group correspondence.
  • In the panel that opens, find the create address button, swipe up from the screen, and click on it.
  • Copy the link by clicking the button of the same name on the opened panel.
  • The created link can be sent not only through WhatsApp, but also through other means of communication.

Share the link by going to the group information.

If you need to share the address through a QR code, then you need to press the button for printing it on the screen. It is called through an additional menu in the upper right corner..

How to send a link to a group if you are not an admin

Any member of the group on WhatsApp can send a link through which the community administrator added a subscriber.

It can be distributed among other users who also join the chat. To find the invitation address, go to the beginning of the conversation by swiping from top to bottom.

If there are a lot of chat messages, then you need to open a search on them, enter the request “join” in the appropriate field and click on the up or down arrow until the desired entry appears on the screen. The address is copied or forwarded by pressing the corresponding button that appears after highlighting.

If the user deleted the link or it didn’t reach him, then he will not be able to add new members to the group without the corresponding rights.

How to withdraw an invitation to the Vatsap group

The administrator also has the right to withdraw the link, invalidating it..

This is done if untrusted users follow it in order to send spam or offend other chat participants.

In order to withdraw the invitation to the WhatsApp group on Android and iOS, you need to click on the button with the same name in the link properties panel and then confirm the intention in the pop-up dialog. After completing these steps, no one will be able to join the general chat by going to the previously created address, which will become inaccessible.