How to make a newsletter in WhatsApp

WhatsApp messages are used by businesses to send notifications to customers. So you can inform about the opening or closing of a outlet, the beginning of the sale or other events.

What is a newsletter?

It is impossible to contact each client personally. For this reason, the business uses the opportunities provided by the newsletter..

For notification, special programs are used. With their help, audiences are informed about the events that the company plans to conduct, and other events. Interested parties can respond immediately.

Business prefers “Vatsapu” because end-to-end encryption provides high data security. Sending messages in the messenger is cheaper than sending SMS.

WhatsApp is also convenient in that you can attach a video, photo or link to the text. It is possible to launch a chat bot.

The newsletter helps companies achieve the following:

  • attract the attention of customers;
  • to personally contact each person with whom the organization collaborates;
  • organize pre-orders, automate transactions, collect applications for services or goods.

Using newsletters leads to an increase in repeat sales. The company gains an advantage over competitors. She promptly informs the audience about sales and other events. It’s better to order this service for vatsap paid, because it significantly improves the quality of audience interaction.

WhatsApp newsletters can be used by organizations that have customer phone numbers, as well as their consent to receive messages.

Various organizations can use the mailing service.

The following organizations may have resorted to sending:

  • Internet Marketing. With the help of Vatsap, online stores notify the customer of the delivery of goods. Messenger is used for customer feedback..
  • Transport. Transport companies notify customers of the status of the order, answer their questions. The newsletter will be of interest to companies operating in the field of air transportation, car sharing, road transportation.
  • Tourism. Solves the problems of tourists abroad, notify buyers of new hot tours.
  • Infobusiness. KVN allows you to notify people about new webinars, meetings, conferences and other events.
  • Delivery service. Customers find out where the goods are..
  • Cashback services, MFC. Notification of accumulated points, upcoming payments.

Newsletters will help all businesses grow their businesses. The exceptions are B2B companies.

Differences from group chat

Communicating with customers through the newsletter differs from the dialogue in group chat as follows:

  • large audience reach;
  • the opportunity to create a client’s feeling that the company is addressing him personally;
  • data transfer security;
  • unlimited text.

Newsletter allows you to use all the functionality of the messenger.

Group chat.

How to make a newsletter manually

The easiest way to use the standard scheme. In order to send a message to the recipients, use the list. It is made up of numbers that are recorded in the smartphone.

The manual method is simple, but the functionality of the sender is limited. It is more suitable not for large companies, but for beginning businessmen who are just exploring the possibilities of influencing the audience..

If the customer base is not formed or delivery needs to be arranged by several thousand people, it is better to use a different delivery method.

On Android

To manually do the newsletter, owners of gadgets running on the Android platform must do the following:

  • Open Vatsap, and then select Chats. Going to this tab, go to the menu. To do this, at the top of the screen, in the right corner, click 3 dots.
  • Select “New Newsletter”. Add contacts to the list. Click “Finish”, and then tap on the “Create” button.

When the list is formed, you can start composing a message. After that, it is sent to the audience.

On iphone

IPhone owners should do the following:

  • Go to the messenger. Go to the section called “Chats,” and then select “Mailing Lists.” This section shows all the cases when the owner of the gadget has organized mass delivery.
  • At the bottom of the screen, the “New List” is visible. You need to tap on it and select the phone numbers of those people who are planning to deliver a message.

Only people who have saved the number of the person who organized the newsletter in their contacts will receive the letter.

How to do mass mailing with programs

If you need to organize a newsletter for large companies with a large audience of customers or customers, it is better to use special programs. There are many, but they are all similar in the way of sending.

First, the entrepreneur is registered on the site, starts a personal account and replenishes the account. He uploads his own list of clients or uses the database. In the second case, access to data is paid separately. The more people included in the list, the cheaper the cost of 1 shipment.

Payment is only charged for read messages. If the owner of the gadget does not open an advertisement, money is not debited from the sender’s account.

To organize bulk sending, you need to do the following:

  • For convenience, connect your smartphone to a laptop or computer.
  • Register on the site. Indicate phone number, e-mail and other information.
  • Be sure to specify what will be used – your own customer base or the base from the site.
  • Determine how many notifications you need to send to people.
  • Select a portrait of the client (age, region of residence, gender). This will improve the efficiency of the WhatsApp mailing list..
  • Compose message text without errors. You can supplement it with pictures or video files.

It’s easy to send ads to your audience in minutes. The only drawback of services is that they are paid. But there are programs that give new customers free access. This allows you to test their work, and then decide whether to buy the full version.

Programs for distribution in Vatsap

Newsletter using WhatsaApp Bulk Sender.

Entrepreneurs looking for a way to send information to customers can stumble upon free software. But WhatsApp will rate this software as dubious. This means that the messenger can block the phone number that organized the delivery of messages, and the businessman will lose money.

Paid programs differ from free ones in wide functionality. They provide the ability to target. For all actions that the customer takes, reports are provided. Experts say that the payback of such programs often exceeds 300%.

This service is popular not only in the domestic space, but also in foreign countries. It has a clear interface, rich functionality.

By registering, a person can send up to 15 thousand messages per day. If necessary, this threshold may be exceeded..

It is possible to use ready-made client bases. This saves time, more efficiently spend money.


Beginners will like this service in that they will have 50 days to test the program for free. The size of the message that is sent to the audience is not limited by anything. It is possible to attach media files to it.

When buying a paid version, entrepreneurs get access to several client bases.


Users are offered customer bases, but you can work with your list. When choosing the first option, access to information is paid.


The program has a convenient interface. With its help, businessmen send customers not only text, but also video, audio.


The service provides access to a list of phone numbers. Beginners in the program will help to figure out a free consultation.

What is Whatsapp Business Api

On August 1, Vatsap management issued a statement stating that now large brands can correspond with customers and send messages to them.. Entrepreneurs have been waiting for the Business API for a long time, talk about this service began back in 2016. The announcement caused a stir, many organizations wanted to make a connection.

Under the agreement, corporations or communication platforms that offer business solutions can arrange access to the service. To do this, they need to apply and wait for WhatsApp.

An appeal can be sent only to those companies that have registered a business account, and it was confirmed by Vatsapa moderators. Organizations that have not yet managed to do this should indicate the brand, and then wait for moderation.

Such an account will be different from the standard. Customers reading the texts received on behalf of the company will see the brand name instead of the telephone number. A green checkmark will be next to it. This is a sign that the profile has been verified..

Business System-Whatsapp Business Api.

Are there any restrictions and sanctions

When ordering a newsletter, you must take into account the provisions of the law “On Advertising”. Messages can not be sent to those people who did not give consent to receive advertising. Illegal mailing is punishable by a fine, but this is a rare case in practice.

Notifications should not contain pictures that offend people, inciting hatred. Text should not include unethical statements.

It is necessary to work carefully with the base of numbers. Criminal liability awaits the citizen who took it from sealed sources.

Where can I order a newsletter?

You can order bulk shipping at the following companies:

  • SigmaSMS. Entrepreneurs have access to the database of telephone numbers.
  • UletSMS. It can be sent to any city in your country, in which more than 50 thousand people.

All organizations provide customers with a statement of expenditure. There is access to analytics. With its help, it is easy to understand the response of the audience.