Whatsapp Invitations

In order to learn how to invite a friend to Vatsap, users often spend a lot of time searching for the necessary information on the Internet. Following the above algorithm of actions, it is easy to do.

What does it mean to invite to WhatsApp under the photo

In order to invite an interlocutor to WhatsApp under a photo, you need to open the desired contact in the phone book of your mobile gadget. Then click on the rectangular icon below the image on the right. In the window with phone messengers that opens, click on the “Vatsap” icon and an SMS message will be sent to the subscriber offering to install the application.

Friends Invitation Window.

Ways to send an invitation on your phone

If the person you need does not have an account in Vatsap, you can invite him either through the phone itself or through a personal computer.

On Android

First way:

  • Open “Vatsap”, go into chat rooms and click on the green icon at the bottom right.
  • In the new window, select “Invite Friends”, after which the messengers installed in the mobile gadget will appear.
  • The one where the invited subscriber has an account is selected from them.
  • Then in the list that opens, you need to find the right person, click on his data. An SMS will be sent to the opponent with an invitation to download the WhatsApp application.
  • If the data of the future interlocutor is not in the messengers, you will need to enter his name and phone number manually. After such manipulation, the data will be saved both in “Vatsap” and in the phone book.
  • When the subscriber installs the application, he will automatically be added to the application’s contact list.

The second way:

  • In the Vatsap application, click 3 dots in the upper right.
  • From the list that opens, select “Settings”.
  • Next in the “Settings” click on the item “Invite a friend”.
  • The messengers that are on the device with Android will open. Then you need to enter the phone book, find the account of the right person and, clicking on his data, send an invitation to install “Vatsap”.
  • When manually entering the name and phone number of the subscriber, his data will automatically be saved in the phone book of the gadget.

On iPhone

You must perform the following steps:

  • Launch Vatsap.
  • On the application screen, click on the “Settings” icon, which is located at the bottom right. In the settings that opens, click “Tell a friend”.
  • Choose in messengers existing on the iPhone, a convenient way to communicate.
  • Find the account you need in the gadget or enter your name and phone number yourself.
  • In the selected account, click on the data and the invitation will be sent to the subscriber.

Adding Contacts to iPhone.

How to add a contact to WhatsApp on a computer

To do this, use the BlueStacks emulator.


  • Install BlueStacks on the computer. Log in to your application through your Google account.
  • Through the emulator download “Vatsap”.
  • Allow service to access user data.
  • If Google has a backup copy of the user’s contacts, then their synchronization in the installed service will take place automatically.
  • If there is no backup in Google, then in the application on the PC you need to click the “Start chat” icon in the lower right corner.
  • In the next window, click on the item “Invite friends”. Then in the new window manually enter the name and number of the desired subscriber. Data will be added to the service and phone book.

To constantly use the contacts on your computer, you need to copy them from your gadget to your PC, then click “Import” in the BlueStacks settings.

Find the file with contacts in the explorer and click on it. The file will be uploaded to BlueStacks. After that, go to “Vatsap” on the PC and in the window where the phone numbers should be, click “Import from drive”. Data will be added to WhatsApp on the computer. Thus, you can add contact to WhatsApp.