Why in WhatsApp last contact visit does not show

Users are often interested in why Votsap does not show when a person was online the last time. There are several reasons.

Votsap chat.

WhatsApp Network Status

The value “Been …” (“Online”) is called WhatsApp network status. It displays how long the contact has been in the application, i.e. indicates the time offline, or whether it is now in the messenger, i.e. online.

Opening a chat with one or another interlocutor, we see under his name the exact time when he went into the messenger.

However, there are contacts whose network status is not displayed. Most likely, it is important for them to remain hidden, to maintain privacy for certain purposes (personal life, work or service, for example). Sometimes the presence of the status of “online”, implying that a person is available for communication, does not mean that he will gladly maintain a dialogue.

Why is he not visible

There are 3 main reasons:

  • The contact preferred not to show the time of his last visit to the list of users (in the privacy settings).
  • You yourself wanted to remain invisible to the list of users. Then you are denied access to their network statuses.
  • Your number may have been blocked, i.e. added to the black list.

Online status is always shown in the application..

Among the reasons why it is not visible when the subscriber was online, one can single out a problem with the Internet connection. In this case, information about the visit to the messenger will not be displayed correctly, since the data will not be delivered to the Votsap server or to the user in a timely manner.

We hide visiting time

Any user can become invisible in the application. This is important for those who care about their privacy for one reason or another. You can hide the visit time in 2 ways: through the settings of Votsap itself or using the Hide WhatsApp Status tool, which must be additionally installed on the smartphone.

In privacy settings

In this case, you must perform the following steps:

  • Launch WhatsApp mobile app
  • in the upper right corner click on 3 points (functional menu);
  • at the end of the list, select “Settings”;
  • go to the “Account” section;
  • go to the “Privacy” subsection;
  • from the items presented, select the necessary.

In the “Privacy” section, it is noted who can see your network status:

  • “All”. These are both subscribers from the contact list and all other users.
  • “My contacts”. Visiting time is displayed only for those indicated in the notebook.
  • “No one”. The time of your visit to the application is not available to anyone.

Using a special application

Hide WhatsApp Status or a similar program allows you to hide the user’s network status.

Using this application is simple: during a conversation you need to click on the “Hide Status” button. Hide WhatsApp Status will disconnect you from the Internet (it does not matter if you use Wi-Fi or a 3G connection). After that, the WhatsApp network status will be displayed as offline, although the interlocutors will still be able to receive your messages.

Special supplement downloaded by users on the Play Market.

Hide WhatsApp Status App.

How to track network status

Despite the fact that the user’s visit time is not displayed, there is a way to track his network status. To do this, you must:

  • open Votsap in a browser through WhatsApp Web;
  • Find a chat with the user whose visits to the application you want to track;
  • use the F12 key or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl, Alt, I to open the side panel;
  • select the Console tab in the window that appears;
  • insert the code “window.z = $; setInterval (function () {if (window.z (‘span [title = ”on the network”]’)! == null) {console.info (“ONLINE:” + (new Date ()));}}, 20000) ”;
  • press Enter and wait for launch.

In the code you need to replace the words “online” with “online” if the version of WhatsApp Web is in English.

The code is activated and checks the status of the selected user every 20 seconds. The window and application must be left open. As soon as the contact appears on the network, a tab displays a message with the date and time of its entry into Votsap, for example: “ONLINE: Tue Jul 30 2019 20:00:03 GMT + 0500”.