How to send a blank message on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a modern messenger that facilitates communication and interaction between people. You can now exchange text and other files even at a distance of several thousand kilometers from each other. You can find out how to send an empty message in vatsap by studying the program options in more detail.


How to send a blank message in whatsapp

Addressing this question to a search engine on the Internet, you can find many pages with tips and life hacks. In fact, it turns out that the content does not match the title, refers to third-party applications, or the scheme simply does not work.

The developers officially declare that this function does not support vatsap. It is impossible to send SMS without writing to an interlocutor or to a group – the system will not miss. Spaces for characters also do not count.

Yes, it happens that an empty message arrives. The reason lies in application crashes and system errors. Perhaps the interlocutors have smartphones with different operating systems and functionality. For example, the symbols of one are not visible on the device of the other. In this case, you can copy such SMS and send to any contact.

Empty message.

So far, this is the only way to send a blank message on WhatsApp.

How to send a message to yourself

The situation with sending files to your own number is different. You can write to yourself in two ways: directly or through group chat.

To send messages directly, you need to open the contact list in the application and click on the “Add new” button. An empty form in the phone book will open, in which you need to enter your number specified when registering your account in the messenger, and save it under any name. Without going to the vacats, you can immediately go to the phonebook on your smartphone and create a new contact there.

After these actions, the personal number will not appear in the program, and it will be impossible to interact with it. You need to open it in the phone book and find the binding to WhatsApp in the menu:

  • send a private message;
  • make an audio call;
  • video call.

It is impossible to make video and audio calls, therefore the program will not skip the last 2 points, and the first – with ease. Click “write in WhatsApp”, and we are automatically transferred to the messenger. A dialog box opens in it, where the second person you are talking to is.

Now you can send text, voice and other media files. Sent letters will be marked as delivered and read..

The second method is also simple. The first step is to agree in advance with a relative or friend. Then create a group chat of two participants. After that, delete the second person and leave only yourself in the chat. You can also send files of any format that will be available to a single member of the group, that is, you.

How to know that your message has been read

The application has notifications about sending the file, its delivery and reading. If the opponent does not have hidden mode, then the contacts will see:

  • Clock – message is sent.
  • One gray checkmark – the message has been sent, it is located on the servers.
  • Two gray checkmarks – message arrived but not read.

Changing the color of checkmarks from gray to blue means that you have read the letter.

Group chats are harder. The icon will turn blue when all participants read the message. In this case, you can use another method, it is suitable for individual correspondence:

  • Click on the message and hold until it becomes highlighted..
  • The “i” icon should appear in the menu bar.
  • If not, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  • In the mini-window, select “Data”.

A window will appear with your message and its status (read or not, reading time). If this is a group, then the entire list of those to whom the file was delivered, who opened and at what time will be shown.

This is how an incomplete list of options looks. Despite the simple and intuitive interface, it contains small settings that not everyone knows about. Developers do not stop there, periodically updating the program and improving functionality.