Hidden WhatsApp functions

The hidden features of Vatsap are those functions that only developers of this program know about. The application has many add-ons to make communication more fun. The secrets of the messenger are the same for mobile devices running on iOS and Android.

Vatsap has opportunities that not everyone knows about.

How to communicate using a PC

Not all users are aware of the existence of a desktop version of the program, but it provides many advantages, for example:

  • quick creation of text messages;
  • viewing images and videos on a large screen;
  • saving the necessary files to the hard drive.

In order to use the application on a computer, you need to download it from the official site. Next, you need to synchronize the phone and PC by reading the QR code from the monitor using the smartphone’s camera.

How to read someone else’s correspondence

Using the desktop version of Vatsap, you can view the correspondence on the phone. This trick can be used by third parties. To do this, the smartphone is synchronized with the Vatsap Web page and begin to receive other people’s messages on your computer.

Tracking Protection

You can find out if third parties read the correspondence by opening the WhatsApp Web tab on your phone. Detection of connected devices indicates the intervention of other people. To determine the location of the attacker, press the Google Maps key. The location of the device being monitored will be displayed on the screen. The connection between gadgets can be interrupted by clicking the “Exit from all PCs” button.

How to hide activity

To prevent other users from tracking activity, they use the invisibility function. Thus, you can hide the correspondence.

Include it like this:

  • open the settings section;
  • Find the item “Account”;
  • in the “Privacy” tab, set the circle of people who can view photos, status and dates of the last visit to the application.

You can disable the notification of reading the message. Using these options will make it impossible to track the activity of your friends.

Email forwarding

To send the necessary messages to the mail, the function is found in the settings of the selected conversation. Touching the appropriate inscription, set the address. After entering the data, confirm the action.

How to set a password

Installing third-party programs helps protect WhatsApp from tampering. Chat Lock is most popular for protecting chats on iPhone or Android. Thus, you can put a password on WhatsApp.

To set a password, you can use the program “Chat Lock”.

How to delete a message

Messages read by other users can only be deleted from your own phone.. Those that have not yet been opened by the recipients (marked with 1 gray checkmark), you can recall.

Delete information like this:

  • Highlight a message
  • in the list that opens, select “Delete”;
  • confirm the action.

Turn off notifications

Sometimes it becomes necessary to turn off notifications when messages are received from one of the contacts. To do this, find the desired name in the list, click on it and select the “Do Not Disturb” item. After that, set the duration of the silent mode. Messages from the selected contact will arrive in the background..

WhatsApp allows you to disconnect notifications from contacts.

Add important contacts to the home screen

This chip is only for Android WhatsApp, for iPhone WhatsApp it does not fit. To activate, select the desired contact, in the settings section find the item “Add shortcut”.

How to find out about message delivery

To find out when the message was delivered, you need to select the sent and read message, find the I symbol at the top of the screen and click on the “Data” item in the menu that opens. The function is of little use, but some users use it.

How can I put a notification on the interlocutor

In the chat settings you need to find the item “Personal notifications” and set the melody for the notification. This sound will be heard when receiving messages from the selected user..

Where can I view media files

To view the files sent by a contact, you need to find the “Media” section in the menu. It stores images, videos and links to sites.

Forwarding and deleting

To delete or forward a message, you need to press and hold it until a menu appears at the top of the screen. Then select the appropriate option. If the message includes an image, only a picture will be sent.

2-step verification

This life hack helps protect your information from third parties. With this verification method, not only the phone number is entered, but also the email address. If you try to reinstall the application without entering the code sent by e-mail, the program will not work.

Change number

When you change the phone number, you need to change the data specified when downloading the application. This is done using the settings menu. Here, select the “Change number” section, and then indicate the old and new data. A code will be sent to the selected number.

When changing the number, you need to change the data in WhatsApp settings.

How to delete an account

To delete an account along with the data contained in it, use the “Delete page” button. It will become impossible to recover information.

Save on downloading media files

The main secret of the application is the ability to save traffic when used online. In the “Data” section set the parameters for downloading files.

It is recommended to allow downloading only when a Wi-Fi connection is established..

Clone the application

This will require the installation of third-party App Cloner software. You can copy the application and bind it to another number. So, on one smartphone more than 2 WhatsApps can be installed.

Friend lock

To stop communicating with an unwanted contact, go to the conversation settings with this person. In the list, select the “Block” button. A person finds out about a lock when trying to send a message.

WhatsApp can block unwanted people.

Privacy settings

The application has functions that allow you to limit the ability to view photos, status and dates of the user’s last visit to participants in a group conversation. To do this, go to the “Privacy” section of the account settings and make the necessary changes.

Text formatting

Vatsap users are offered 3 font options: bold, oblique, strikethrough. To make changes, select the desired word. To get the bold type, press “~”, italics – “_”, strikethrough – “*”.

Making the newsletter

Sometimes it becomes necessary to send a message to several contacts. In this case, you can not create a group conversation, but share your thoughts using the newsletter. At the top of the screen, they find the button for entering the menu and select “New Newsletter” in the list.

Featured Posts

Finding the right information in a large number of chats can be difficult. According to the instructions, you can mark the message by clicking on the star icon that appears when highlighting the selected area. After that, the saved information can be viewed by opening the menu and going to the “Favorites” section.

Drawing on a photo and adding emoticons

Having taken a photo in Vatsap, you can use the editor containing various tools. They allow you to draw, enter text, set emoticons.