Whatsapp messenger on Samsung – download and install for free

Samsung users who want to download the chat application have access to whatsapp. This is a program that works on various models of brand smartphones. It allows you to chat, send files. In the article, we will consider the process of installing Vatsap on a Samsung phone for free. Let’s talk about the requirements of the messenger for mobile with various OS.

What is the feature of Samsung phones

The devices of this brand are quite diverse. There are simple models – c3322 duos or X700, discontinued. These are mobile with minimal features. The most modern is the Galaxy S10 Plus, android with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, a 6.4-inch Infinity-O display, improved cameras, prolonged battery life.

Digging produces phones on various platforms. Their functions and the ability to download Vatsap to Samsung depend on this. If we talk about the features of the brand, the new smartphones have two SIM cards, water protection, a lateral sound enhancement sensor, a fingerprint scanner, Samsung Pay for contactless purchases.

Model Overview

The manufacturer offers a wide variety of smartphones depending on the OS. The company’s own platform is embedded in phones with minimal functionality.

Whatsapp messenger on Samsung.

Such is the c3322 duos for two SIM cards based on Swift or 5230 codes with a TFT touch screen and applications on OS Tizen, for example, WHATSAPP JAVA. Some brand models with Samsung Handset Platform (SHP) are equipped with a TV function.

Bada OS, also developed by the company, is used on devices under the Wave brand. This is the 5250 model, which is equipped with a regular and full-size keyboard, a screen of 70 × 42 mm, support for instant messengers, Google browser, various applications.

Galaxy brand is developed on the Android platform. On models s5360, 5660, 7260, 7262, 5830, s5830i, s6102, older versions of android work, which Google stopped updating. There are also mini, ace and others. Recent developments of this brand are the a50 model, which has a super amoled screen with organic LEDs, a fingerprint sensor built into the display.

Samsung also releases not only mobile, but also other wearable devices. Smart watch Gear – smart watches that offer sports exercises, give dietary recommendations, send messages when connected to a smartphone. Galaxy Tab S6 – tablet, a computer in a compact package with a touch electronic pen enhanced functionality S Pen.

What versions of Whatsapp fit Samsung

It depends on the mobile platform. On the latest smartphones, you can install the latest versions of the program. Phones with the latest software platforms allow you to disable the old Whatsapp messenger options for free on Samsung. Cannot copy application.

Vatsap requirements and characteristics for Samsung

The official website of the application has such restrictions for phones:

  • Android OS 4.0.3 or later.
  • Bada platforms and Samsung’s own OSs that are on legacy mobiles are not supported.

Step-by-step instruction

Howsapp downloads for Samsung vary by device OS. Downloading a program from various sources. Owners of new smartphones can take the application from the official site. For older models, files with a special extension are required – jar and jad or apk.

Where can I download the program for free

Install Whatsapp on Samsung from Google Play.

For mobile phones that use Android 4.0.3 or newer, Vatsap on Samsung can be downloaded from the Google Play market.

For obsolete smartphones s5230, gt-s5830, other models whose OS is not supported by the application, files with the extension are suitable. They will let Whatsapp download to a Samsung phone. Such files can be found from third-party developers using a browser search engine.

This method is unreliable – there is a risk of picking up a virus. It is recommended to download from trusted sites – from third-party developers.

How to download whatsapp

For androids with suitable OS versions, open the Google Play market by clicking on its icon on the device’s screen. In the search box, enter the name WhatsApp. A green circle with an image of a messenger will appear.

Galaxy gt-s5250, other bada platform phones need jar and jad extension files to install Whatsapp on Samsung. To download, enter in the browser search engine – WhatsApp Jar.

For mobile gt-s6102, other android versions of which the application does not support, use the messenger apk-files – WhatsApp apk. Permission may be required for such programs. In the phone’s settings, select “Security”, then “Unknown sources” and activate this item by checking the box next to it.

How to install the application

For android with a suitable OS – when the watsapp messenger icon appears on the screen, click the “Download” button. Then “Install” and “Open”. Further – terms of use and privacy policy. Click Accept and Continue.

The program will request access to contacts and sending notifications. Select Allow. Enter the phone number of the device to which you are downloading the program.

Then the code from the SMS that the messenger sends. If you used vatsap earlier, you will be prompted to restore the message history. If not, click Skip.

To create an account, enter a name, if desired – a picture for the profile, which can be downloaded from the phone by clicking on the camera icon. When the avatar is downloaded, press the “Next” button, starting the initialization process.

To download the program to outdated phone models, open the downloaded file with the extension. It will be placed in the “Files” application or in the File Manager, it depends on the mobile model.

To install the program, click the WhatsApp icon. Then the download button. An item about the terms of use and privacy policy will appear. Enter the name of the country, if necessary, the mobile number. Also enter the code from the sent SMS. Next, create an account as described above.

Registration and connection

When you were able to install Whatsapp on a Samsung phone, you do not need to specifically log in. Account activation is carried out by entering a phone number and confirming it with a code from SMS. The system does not require usernames or passwords.

Whatsapp Benefits & Features

  • The program developers have implemented the end-to-end encryption method for correspondence. Its advantage is that the message cannot be intercepted from the side while it is being forwarded..
  • The program is free. Not loaded with ads.
  • You do not need to add contacts manually. The messenger independently pulls them from the phone book. You can communicate with foreign interlocutors. But you need to enter their numbers in your phone. Start recording with a plus sign, then the country code and mobile number.
  • You can create single and group chats. This will allow you to communicate with one interlocutor or several. To do this, open the Chats tab. Press the “Other Options” button – three vertical dots at the top right of the screen, then “New Group”. Mark the contacts with whom you want to create a joint correspondence. Tap the green arrow below. Enter a chat name in the field that appears.
  • Audio and video calls are available. Open chat with a contact, tap the handset icon at the top of the screen. While talking, you can enable video mode. To do this, click on the camera image..
  • Users can send any kind of file. At the same time, images and videos are compressed on a special server, saving traffic.
  • The program offers to create backup copies of chats. Click “Other Options” – three dots at the top of the screen. Then Settings, Chats, Chat Backup, Backup.
  • Options for account protection are optionally offered – two-phase verification, fingerprint login.


Users like the fact that the watsap has a well-thought-out interface, design, as well as free forwarding of various content, video and audio calls. However, those who use an outdated phone, note that when downloading the program there are difficulties – you must find sources for receiving files.


The application is available to owners of various phone models. If you are the owner of a mobile with outdated software, it may be difficult to download. However, there are ways to download whatsapp for free on your Samsung phone.

Smartphones, which are available with the latest versions of the program, make it possible to make voice and video calls, forward multimedia. Devices with outdated software allow you to send messages and use entertaining content for chats.