How to disable calls in WhatsApp

How to ban <calls to WhatsApp, leaving the subscriber the ability to send text messages, does not exist. Therefore, those who do not want to be disturbed can mute the call alert or block an overly persistent person.

Watsap Call.

How to disable ringtones in WhatsApp

WhatsApp application allows you to configure individual alerts for each group of interlocutors (completely prohibiting sound notification of all events) or for each individual contact.

On Android

If the Vatsap user does not want to be disturbed by sound signals about calls coming through this application, he can prohibit audio notification. To do this, follow the 7 steps:

  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the “3 points” icon located in the upper corner to the right of the search icon.
  • Select “Settings”, the button is located at the very bottom of the menu that appeared after completing the previous step.
  • In the window that appears, click on “Notifications”.
  • Scroll to the end of the page that opens and click on the “Ringtone” button located under the “Calls” heading.
  • In the pop-up window, click on “Media Storage”.
  • In the list of available signals that appears, select the “Silent” position..

If it is necessary to prohibit the sound signal notifying of calls and messages from one subscriber or group, you need to:

  • Go to the chat that needs to turn off notifications;
  • click on the menu icon;
  • in the drop-down tab, select “No sound”;
  • in the pop-up window, select the desired shutdown duration from the options proposed by the application.

On iphone

You can remove the sound signal about an incoming call in “Votsap” on an iPhone in the same way as on Android:

  • From the menu of your profile you need to go to the “Settings”.
  • Open Notifications.
  • Press the “Sound” button located in the “WhatsApp Call” section.
  • Select “Silent”.

Set up WhatsApp sound on iPhone.

To ignore an individual contact, you need to turn off the sound in the dialogue menu with him.

How to block a subscriber in Vatsap

The application provides 2 ways to block a subscriber:

  • through dialogue with him;
  • through your profile menu.

On iphone

WhatsApp user can prevent someone from sending messages and calling him as follows:

  • Open correspondence with an unwanted person.
  • Click on the contact menu at the top of the screen (the area containing the person’s avatar, his name and information about the time he visited the network).
  • Scroll the menu that appears to the “Block” position.
  • Confirm action in popup dialog.

If the user wants to not only block the contact, but also complain about spam, he can follow these steps:

  • From the list of dialogs in the application, select a conversation with the subscriber whom you want to ban.
  • Click on the menu icon.
  • In the drop-down list, select the most recent position “More”.
  • In the list that appears, select “Block”.
  • On the dialog box that opens, click the “Block” or “Spam and block” button.

To act through the menu of your profile, you need:

  • Click on “Settings” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on the “Account” menu that appears.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • At the very bottom of the menu that appears, click on the “Blocked” button.
  • Click on the link “Add new …” and select from the list of subscribers of the phone book of the device the one who should prohibit the ability to communicate.

WhatsApp User Lockout.

On Android

In order for an unwanted contact to lose the ability to write a message and make a call via “Votsap”, you need to block it according to any of the above instructions. Button names may vary. For example, to act through the menu of your profile, you need:

  • Launch applications and, without going to any dialogue, click the icon depicting 3 points.
  • In the pop-up menu, select “Settings”.
  • Click on the first button “Account”.
  • Select “Privacy”.
  • At the very bottom of the menu that appears, click on the “Blocked” button.
  • After that, a complete list of previously banned contacts will appear. To add someone else there, you need to click on the icon depicting the little man, and the “+” sign and select from the proposed list of contacts the one whose further communication with which it is undesirable.

In the same way, you can delete the subscriber whose communication you want to resume from the list of banned.

On Windows Phone

The blacklisting function is also supported when working with the application through Windows Phone. The principle of setting a ban on communication is identical to gadgets using the Android and iOS systems. However, the names of the buttons and the appearance of the menu are slightly different..

For example, when you block a user through a dialogue with him, there is no need to take intermediate steps and click “More”, like on an iPhone. The “Block” item will be available immediately when you click on the icon with three dots.

How to disconnect a video call in “WhatsApp”

The Vatsap messenger does not provide for disabling the call function. You can ban them only to individual subscribers by blocking them. This will lead to complete isolation from this account. Users added to the blacklist cannot not only make calls, but also write in an individual dialogue and invite to group chats.

If there is no way to answer an audio or video call, just click the “Reject” button. In addition, the function of quick sending messages to this subscriber is available.