WhatsApp changes message forwarding rules

To improve the services provided, instant messengers are improved almost monthly. WhatsApp is no exception. Utility developers focus on security. Especially when dealing with messages.



WhatsApp previously allowed forwarding emails to an unlimited number of users. However, for security reasons, the team was initially limited to five times. Later – to one.

It is about forwarding the received or sent message, and not about copying the text.

The restriction is aimed at preserving information, enhancing confidentiality.

“The main task of application developers is to protect the client. Copying, forwarding, screenshots are prohibited in hidden chats. Open correspondence has great functionality. We do not want to limit users, but we intend to protect them “.

A notification when forwarded to the interlocutor is not sent. If the letter has been redirected more than five times, the icon of two checkmarks appears next to it.

What kind of messages

Mass mailing restrictions apply to emails:

  • textual
  • photos, pictures;
  • video;
  • audio;
  • documents;
  • stickers, gifs, stickers;
  • links;
  • polls
  • geographical location;
  • contacts.

At the same time, you can redirect the message to five people. Functionality is available for both simple accounts and business clients.

Possible changes

WhatsApp releases weekly updates. The previous development was a black interface for all users. Now – information protection.

The latter continues to be developed.

“The team is working on privacy, protecting information. It is possible that a complete ban on sending letters for all types of chats will be introduced. Violation will result in account suspension ».

Precautions introduced after new cases of hacking clients of politicians, artists.

When the update takes effect is not known.

To use the full functionality, you must periodically update the utility. You can install WhatsApp from the official website, Play Market, App Store. Free download lasts a minute, for the conditions of uninterrupted Internet connection.