How to recover deleted messages in whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most convenient and reliable messengers for modern smartphones, but it is not immune to data loss. But, if you have erased an important dialogue or you accidentally deleted it, you should not worry: there are several options for how to restore correspondence in Vatsap.

The mechanisms for storing information in the WhatsApp messenger allow you to recover all deleted data at any time.

Where is whatsapp chat stored

The location of Vatsap data will depend on the operating system on your smartphone.

For example, on Android, information can be written to external or internal memory, as well as to virtual Google drives. IPhone uses IClaud for the same purpose.

It is preferable to choose a cloud service for storing correspondence and other important information, because it is completely protected from data loss as a result of a technical failure. In addition, with this method of storing information, even if you lose your phone, you can restore all the data you need in a new device.

Creating backups at Vatsap

One of the most reliable ways to prevent loss of message history is to back up.

To configure this feature:

  • Open the WhatsApp menu, to do this, click on 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Go to Chats.
  • Click on “Chat Backup”
  • Choose where your SMS will be saved: to the phone memory or cloud storage.

To google drive

If you already managed to install Google Drive on your smartphone and authorize it, then you will have the opportunity to store copies on Google disk.

To do this:

  • Go to the program menu by clicking on 3 points in the right corner.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Chats
  • Find the line “Backup to Google-drive” – it is located directly under the “Backup” button.
  • Choose a schedule for saving “Vatsapa” correspondence convenient for you. This must be done at least once a month..

How to restore correspondence in “Vatsap” on Android smartphones, which was recently deleted

If you accidentally deleted an important dialog and immediately noticed this oversight, the recovery process will be simple. Android WhatsApp stores message backups in internal or external memory.

They are fixed by default every 4 hours in the WhatsApp / Databases sdcard folder, but this only happens if there is enough free memory on your smartphone.

The process of recovering recently deleted SMS is extremely simple:

  • Remove Vatsap from your device.
  • Download and install the messenger back.
  • In the process, the program will ask if you want to restore old messages. You need to click on the “Restore” button.

You can use the data recovery system within 7 days.

The installer will do the rest.

This method only works with correspondence, videos, and other media deleted no more than a week ago..

Restore old backups

“Vatsap”, like other similar programs, creates a new backup over the old one. This is to save space, but it is possible to restore an older version of the file you need..

To do this, you must:

  • Check for the presence of a program such as “Explorer” in your smartphone. If not, download the appropriate.
  • Go to the “WhatsApp / Databases” folder. Remember that it can be located not only in the internal memory, but also in the external.
  • Based on the date of correspondence you need, find a suitable copy among the rest.
  • Press and hold your finger on this entry for a long time until an additional menu appears. In it, select “Rename”.
  • Either rename the file to “crypt12”, or simply delete the day, month and year from the name. You will get something similar to “msgstore.db.crypt7”.
  • After that, remove “Votsap” from the device and reinstall it, when the installer offers to restore the correspondence, click on the “Restore” button.

This way you can return data of any statute of limitations.

What to do if you deleted the correspondence backup

Some users, trying to free up more space on the phone, accidentally or intentionally delete all stored files, as well as the cache remaining after deletion.

Another reason for the loss of backups can be:

  • inattentive handling of files;
  • poor selection of data cleaning programs;
  • Phone crash
  • return to factory settings (changes in this case are irreversible).

If your backups have disappeared, you can restore them. To do this, you will need access to a PC, additional third-party applications and a little time..

To return the lost data, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer using the cord.
  • Install one of many programs to recover deleted and damaged files. You can use Hitman Partition Recovery. If for some reason it does not suit you, then you can use any other: the principles of work are the same.
  • Run the program and through it go to the “Databases”. It is located in the root folder of “WhatsApp”.
  • Wait a few seconds while the information is being processed..
  • You will see all deleted files on the screen. It remains only to click on the “Restore” button.
  • Turn off the program, disconnect the phone and, following the previous instructions, restore deleted messages.

Database backups are located in the “Databases” folder.

Even an inexperienced user can handle this procedure..

Is it possible to restore correspondence if you have not backed up

If for some reason you do not use the copy or cloud storage function, it will be difficult or impossible to restore old messages. There are only two ways to recover lost data in the absence of copies:

  • Using special programs: a wide range of applications has been created that allow you to recover deleted files, information or SMS, but it’s hard to figure it out. They are designed more for professionals than for inexperienced users..
  • They can be sent by your friends: ask the interlocutor to send you the interesting part of the correspondence. However, this option may not be available if you stopped communicating with the person or do not remember exactly when the conversation took place..

Therefore, try not to neglect the storage functions provided by Vatsap. To read deleted messages, we recommend using the built-in backup function of instant messenger information.

These tips are suitable for both Android devices and Windows phone..

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone

Unlike Android smartphones, recovering lost and deleted SMS on Apple phones and tablets is more difficult. This platform does not give such wide access to archives and folders, and when installing an update or cleaning the memory it completely erases the history of all applications. Therefore, users need increased attention: when installing WhatsApp, you should immediately configure the data storage functions. Otherwise, it will be possible to receive deleted messages only from friends who have your conversation..

Recovery on iOS via iTunes

The first way to recover lost correspondence is through iTunes. If you did not choose to save iCloud data, then by default they will be stored there.

To do this, you need:

  • Install Renee iPhone Recovery on your PC or MAC. This utility will facilitate the process of searching and recovering data..
  • Connect the device using the cord and run the program.
  • Click on the “Start Scan” button and wait a few seconds until the search is completed.
  • Click on “Vatsap” (it will be located on the left panel), after that all folders available for recovery will appear on the screen. Choose your desired.
  • Click the Restore button.

Via iCloud

The second way to recover lost messages is through iCloud recovery.

This is more convenient and simpler than the previous method, so you need to make sure that the data is stored in the cloud in advance.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Check your cloud storage connection. If it is missing, correct it..
  • Go to “WhatsApp”, click on the gear and go to “Chats”.
  • Select “Chat Backup” and make sure that iCloud works as it should and has all the necessary accesses..

After that, data loss will no longer pose a threat to you.

To restore lost correspondence from the cloud, you should:

  • Make sure the copy was created.
  • Remove WhatsApp from iPhone.
  • Reinstall it from the App Store.
  • After installing the application, enter the phone number to which the account was linked.
  • There will be a proposal to restore the message history, you just have to click on the desired item, and all correspondence, media and calls over the past 7 days will be returned to your smartphone.

Remember that this method only works with information that was deleted no more than a week ago..

Using UlData

This method is a “lifeline” in the event of backups disappearing and helps to find the information necessary for recovery. Tenorshare UltData has the advantage of an intuitive interface.

In order to recover lost messages, you need to:

  • Install Tenorshare UltData on your computer or MacBook.
  • Connect an iOS device to a PC using a cord.
  • Open the application. You will have to wait a while until it detects the device and reads files from it.
  • Go to the “Recovery” menu. In the list that appears on the left, select only those items that relate to “Vatsap”.
  • The utility will scan the data available to it and display those correspondence and media that it can recover. The amount of information available for return depends on the methods of its removal, the statute of limitations and the presence of viruses. The more time has passed since the message was lost, the less likely it is to recover.
  • Click on the “Restore” button, and UltData will return the selected items to the smartphone.

Despite the availability of such applications, only user attentiveness and a competently configured backup function save from data loss in Vatsap.