How to log into WhatsApp from your phone

Vatsap is a free instant messaging application. The only difficulty experienced by novice users is how to log in to Vatsap from the phone. The rest of the multifunctional utility has a simple and intuitive interface, convenient for constant use..

After installing Vatsap on the phone, you can enter it.

How to install Vatsap on the phone

Like other instant messengers, the mobile application will only function after installation. All you need to do is download the program, download it to a device connected to the Internet, and register at vatsap.

Even a novice user can easily install the program if they follow the instructions:

  • Download WhatsApp in Google Play Market or on the official website.
  • Check all the conditions and click the download button..
  • After the installation is complete, log in and activate, after which you can use the application.

It remains only to fill out the profile:

  • specify username;
  • set up an alert system;
  • select a contact list that synchronizes with the phone book.

The application works on devices with Android 2.1 and higher. On Apple smartphones, the utility will only work with the operating system from iOS 4.3. If you wish, you can go to WhatsApp from another phone.

How to install two applications on one phone

On gadgets with 2 SIM cards, it is possible to simultaneously use Vatsap for different accounts. There are 3 easy ways for android and 1 for iPhone to install the program on one device with different numbers.


  • Download the Parallel Space app (it’s free) from the Play Market.
  • Choose WhatsApp Copy.
  • Create a new messenger icon by following the prompts.
  • A shortcut with the corresponding name will appear on the device’s desktop.
  • Login and register a new account.

Third party resources:

2 applications on one phone.

  • Open settings and go to “Security”.
  • In the control point, select “Unknown sources”.
  • Mark the checkbox in the middle of the field allowing the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Find the program OGWhatsApp and install it on your phone.
  • In the first account, enter the settings and open a chat. Select backup function.
  • Change folder name to WhatsAppold.
  • Select Vatsap, clear the cache and remove the application.
  • Rename the folder again to OGWhatsApp.
  • Install and register with the number on which the official utility was installed from the very beginning.
  • Repeat the process of downloading the program and log in with another SIM card.


  • Download and install the utility.
  • Activate account using system prompts.

IPhone users will need the TuTuHelper app. It must be installed and, following the instructions, put the application on another SIM card.

Please note that when using third-party resources, the security of the device may be in jeopardy. To avoid errors in the program, the use of Google Play is recommended.

How to launch Vatsap on a mobile phone

After installing WhatsApp Messenger you need to connect to the 2G / 3G / 4G, EDGE or Wi-Fi Internet connection and you can use the program. No additional steps are required to start if the phone meets the necessary technical requirements. The application works on Android, BlackBerry and iOS 4.3 and higher.

Join WhatsApp

You can register not only on the phone, but also through a personal computer. To do this, enter the number in the corresponding field and confirm it with a code from SMS. You can select the confirmation option using a test call. In this case, the answering machine will dictate a 6-digit combination. Confirmation from a PC is carried out by scanning a QR code.