How to install whatsapp on computer

WhatsApp was created as a gadget application that allows you to always be in touch thanks to the mobile Internet. But using a laptop at the same time with the phone and constantly switching between them is not always convenient. Therefore, the question often arises of how to install Vatsap on a computer for the convenience of correspondence and business communication..

Whatsapp app.

What to consider before installing Vatsap Web on a computer

Using the application without a phone is possible if you know a few simple nuances:

  • To activate the connection, you must have a smartphone with the “Vatsap” already installed.
  • Download the program only from the developer’s site. It is provided free of charge and does not require registration and SMS.
  • The computer must be running Windows 8.1 (or higher) or macOS 10.10 (for Apple technology).

The application cannot be installed on machines equipped with ARM processors and a Linux system or its derivatives.

Vatsap Web

The program is downloaded from the developer’s site – only in this case virus protection and the correct operation of the messenger are guaranteed. But first you need to put Votsap on your phone, if it has not been done before.

After you need to download the program from the official website according to the scheme:

  • Go to the main page and find the native language in the menu (the default is English).
  • From the proposed options, choose a computer and an operating system (Windows or macOS).
  • Click on Download.
  • Run the resulting utility in .exe format and complete the installation.

An already installed program must be configured:

  • turn it on and wait for the QR code;
  • open the application on your phone and find the WhatsApp Web tab;
  • scan code to bind PC to mobile phone.

Immediately after this operation, all correspondence is displayed in the working window. The desktop version of Votsap is ready to work if there is a smartphone nearby with Internet on – otherwise, synchronization will not happen.

WhatsApp Web Login.

Installing the Android emulator on a computer

The most conservative users still prefer the classic button devices. However, in this case it is also possible to install a messenger on a PC – for linking it will be enough to have only a mobile number.

The Android emulator is a kind of software shell that simulates a mobile interface on a computer. This mode allows you to use functions that were initially available only to smartphones and tablets, including the installation and use of instant messengers. BlueStacks is an official partner of Google, on which all the Android services are tied.

But not all users find this method suitable. Installing additional utilities and switching between different operating modes seems to many to be inconvenience – therefore, the BlueStacks option turned out to be less common.

Installing the application through a PC emulator

For installation, the user will need an installation file with the extension .apk – all programs developed for the Android OS have it. A mobile phone with a working number is also required..

The installation algorithm is as follows:

  • Enable emulator.
  • Launch the “Votsap” installation by clicking on the installation file.
  • Indicate the number and get an activation code on it.
  • Enter the code and complete the account linking.

In the emulator mode, all messenger functionality is available – correspondence, group chats, video and audio calls.

How to use the web version of the application

A simpler and more affordable option is to use Votsap through a browser – there is no need to install anything. However, you cannot do without a smartphone with a working Internet..

To run this version of “Votsap” you need the official website of the developer:

  • Find WhatsApp Web link on the home page;
  • go from the phone to the application settings and select the tab with the same name;
  • scan the QR code displayed on the site.

Immediately after this operation, contacts will be synchronized and all correspondence will immediately be visible in the browser.