WhatsApp Celebrates 2 Billion User

Votsap messenger has become more popular. On February 12, a two billionth user registered in the utility. This was announced at a press conference by company management.

Officially – the most sought after

Despite the fact that WhatsApp remains ad-free, some crashes and utilities have become the most downloaded messenger in history. This was officially announced by the management of the holding.

“February 12 was a significant day for the history of the company, as well as for the history of the world of instant messengers. For the first time, two billion people downloaded software for free communication. This is 40 percent of the world’s population, says the CEO. “There are no such indicators … We managed to achieve success in 11 years of work”.

The number of users is increasing every minute. According to statistics from the marketing department, every 60 seconds Votsap loads two users.

Quick history lesson

The creators first launched WhatsApp in January 2009. Officially, Brian Acton is considered the author. He developed the brainchild together with the Ukrainian Jan Kum.

The pilot version in a couple of days attracted a million followers. Then the creators improved the utility by developing support for all operating systems.

In 2012, two billion emails were sent daily within the application. The indicator increased every minute.

October 2014 was a turning point. Votsap was bought by Facebook Inc. The deal was estimated at 19 billion dollars.

This is the most expensive startup purchase in the entire history of the development of the Internet..

The corporation has directed the development of a messenger to make money on advertising. For this:

  • Developed Votsap for Business.
  • Improved paid tariffs with advanced functionality.
  • Introduced free stickers. Also, users are allowed to create, upload to the database personal designs of emoji, stickers.
  • Enhanced security.

Because of the course on earnings, the owner corporation quarreled with the creators. Brian Acton and Ian Kum quit the company. Even salary increases did not return them..

WhatsApp Benefits

Despite the desire to earn more, the developers make the messenger free. Tariffing is required for corporate clients..

The advantages of the utility also include:

  • lack of advertising. Paid posts are found exclusively in specialized public places;
  • unlimited messaging;
  • thematic communities, groups;
  • Double end-to-end encryption to protect information. Even when hacking servers, attackers will not be able to read correspondence;
  • support for video, audio calls;
  • cloud storage for localization of received files;
  • mailing of text, photo, video, audio, documents, stickers.

The functionality of the utility is almost unlimited.

Further development

In 2020, the Votsap team celebrates eleven years since the release of the pilot version. Over the years, the messenger celebrated ups and downs. It only strengthens the fuse of developers.

“It would seem that everything has already been created and invented. However, there is much to grow. First of all, it is security. Last year showed the vulnerability of software. It is not in the codes themselves, but in the ability to load the virus into the program interface. The danger has been eliminated. Now the main task is to prevent a recurrence of the situation … We can’t work with a vulnerable application, let customers down. You still don’t have to pay for communication. ”.

Despite successes, failures, Votsap remains the most popular instant messenger on the planet. The software is protected, multi-functional. However, in order to escape from failures, users need to download updated codes. Installation from the Play Store, App Store, the official site is free. With a stable connection, the download takes two minutes. Authorization for registered users is not required.