How to recover deleted numbers in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free chat and voice messaging app. With it, users send photos and pictures, record video and audio files. Using the built-in search function, you can easily find any file. However, after resetting the information, information is often erased, and not all users know how to restore contacts to Vatsap. There are many ways to do this..

Data Storage Features

Almost everyone faced an account lockout situation. The reasons may be different: hacking account, violation of the rules. If a WhatsApp account is blocked, the ability to receive messages is also blocked. Great risk of losing contacts. Often when restoring a profile, the contact list, as well as the correspondence disappear. In order not to lose information, the user can resort to some tricks.

All contact information in the messenger is directly related to the information contained in the phone’s notebook. When adding a new user to Vatsap, his name will appear in the contacts of the smartphone. If you remove it from the phone’s address book, it will be excluded from the application.

Many people ask how to restore contacts in Vatsap after removal. Much to the disappointment of users, neither technical support nor adjustment of settings will help to do this..

Data and storage section in Watsap.

Backup copy

The only way to return contacts in the messenger is to restore the directory with phone numbers on the smartphone. This will be easy to do if the device backs up and stores files in the cloud. If this function is not disabled, the user can restore the backup. After rebooting the phone, all contacts will appear not only in the device, but also in the messenger.

Not all devices automatically transfer information to the cloud. Even those who can do this will not save the correspondence when there are no files on the smartphone..

Recovery through Google

If the phone is associated with a Google account and all the information was saved there, then after deleting the contacts the user will easily return all the names to the list. Information will be automatically added to the device when the account opens..

All data that the system transfers to the phone will be displayed in Watsap. If the names from the list are not visible, the contacts are updated in the messenger.

The user can contact technical support. To do this, he must go to the official Vatsap website. First you need to pass a check, after which the system will prompt you to enter the cipher. It will be sent by SMS.

In this case, the user will receive a free recommendation. It concerns the use of additional applications that will improve the protection of personal data..

Instructions for restoring contacts in Watsap

All contacts of friends are stored in the phone. WhatsApp will automatically recognize them and then list them. But when using the messenger, user data can be deleted. They cannot be restored using the settings and functions of the application. The only way to get the information back is to make a backup..

Copying the list of phone numbers is as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Find the item “System”, select “Backup”.

Then you need to activate the function.

Watsap backup function.


In devices running on the Android operating platform, there is an automatic transfer of information to the cloud storage. However, not all data can be saved. To solve this problem, add users manually..

Another way to add a contact to the phone book is to send a message asking you to add to friends.


Initially, these devices are configured to store information in iCloud. If this function is disabled on the iphone, the user must activate it.

There are no other ways to restore the contact list in the messenger.