What is and why do I need a WhatsApp Apk file

Users can access various instant messengers on mobile phones, computers, tablets. When deciding which communication application to choose, you need to consider not only its functionality, but also the capabilities of your device.

To use WhatsApp 2019 apk file for free on Android. Let’s see what the vatsap ARC file is, what it is used for and how it can be downloaded..

What is the WhatsApp Apk File

Whatsapp apk file.

The work of the Android platform is provided by programs created in the apk file format. In these files, each application for the android system is compiled and packaged.

They consist of program code, resources, assets and other parts. WhatsAp ARC file is a messenger format for downloading to an Android phone.

Why is it needed

Programs for androids are recommended to be taken in the Google Play Store – this is the official resource from where you can download applications to your phone. It is also referred to as Google Play or Play Market. However, the ability to download software is not limited to this market. Third-party developers release their own programs in the format of APK files.

This option can be used in cases when:

  • The application from the Google Market that you wanted to download has geographical restrictions – in certain countries it is not available;
  • The phone does not have a connection to the Google Play Store;
  • There is no possibility to update Android, and the latest version of the OS is required to install the application from the Google Market.

If Android does not have the Google Play Store or cannot update the software, the installation arc file is the only option for downloading the application. Can vatsap ARK download for free.

Pros and cons of the application

Whatsapp APK functions are the same as the original WhatsApp.

The advantages of the messenger include:

  • the opportunity to correspond for free;
  • make audio and video calls, pictures;
  • send files in the format of audio, video, tables, as well as voice messages;
  • use the account protection and correspondence functions: two-step verification of the account and end-to-end encryption method that does not allow to intercept the contents of the forwarded message.

The disadvantages of the program include the following: apk files are an unofficial source for downloading whatsapp. There is a chance to pick up malware on your phone.

Where and how to download and install

A file in whatsapp.apk format can be found on the Internet. Open the browser search engine on your phone. Enter in the line: vatsap ark file.

Write the name of the messenger in the original English version, and enter the file format – APK. Links to various sites or a torrent will appear, through which the program can be installed on the phone.

If you open English-language links, they may indicate a modification of the messenger – the word version is used for this.

Step-by-step instruction

Before you download the vatsap on the Android ARC, you need to allow the device to install applications from third-party resources. To do this, go to the “Settings” of the phone, select the “Security” tab, then – “Unknown sources” and activate this item.

  • Next, open the site with the application. You will see the description of the messenger and the button for downloading whatsapp – “Download”. Click on it. Then on “Install”.
  • When the download is completed, click “Open.” An item about the terms of use and privacy policy / “Accept and continue” will appear. The application will request access to contacts and sending notifications. Choose what suits you – “Allow” or “Deny”.
  • Enter the phone number where you are downloading the application. Click Next. The service will send you an SMS with a 6-digit code. Enter the numbers in the specified field.
  • If you used the program earlier, you will be prompted to restore the message history. Or click “Skip”.
  • Now you need to create an account. This is the account under which other users of the messenger will see you. Enter a name, if desired – a photo that can be downloaded from the phone by clicking on the image of the camera.

Principle of operation

The main functions of the messenger are sending a text message, video and audio calls, file transfer.

To get started, click on the image that appears at the end of the download on the phone screen – a green circle with a white handset. At the top of the screen you will see the tabs “Chats”, “Status”, “Calls”.

Whatsapp Features.

To start chatting, select Chats. Contacts from your phone book that use whatsapp will appear. To chat, click on the account of the person you want to send a message to. A window will open, at the bottom of which there will be a keyboard for dialing a message and a send icon – a white arrow in the form of a paper plane in a blue circle.

To call a contact without leaving the correspondence, click on the handset, the image of which is on the chat screen at the top. Or go to the “Calls” tab, click on the contact you want to call. To connect, click on the handset opposite the user account. For a video call, click the camcorder icon.


Vatsap is a free application for calls and correspondence. However, it can not be used on every android. There are programs that have the same features as whatsapp. These are Viber, WeChat and other applications for chat, audio and video calls, forwarding various content.


Whatsapp messenger can be downloaded to your Android phone using the vatsap ARC file. This is done if the market is not installed on a mobile phone, the android version is not updated on the phone, or the program developer restricts its distribution geographically. WhatsApp ARC has the functions of a regular application, allows you to chat, send files, make calls.