Why notifications in WhatsApp do not come

When WhatsApp notifications do not arrive, the user stops learning about new messages. This complicates the interaction with the interlocutors, so the problem requires an immediate solution. First you need to identify the cause of the malfunction.

If WhatsApp notifications come, some device error has occurred or settings have been changed.

Why not Vatsap notifications come

Interruption of the Internet connection is the main factor leading to the termination of the display of notifications on the phone, which is in sleep mode.

Lack of communication prevents the receipt of new messages, causing malfunctions in the messenger. Also, the warning system may not function properly due to lack of RAM. Less commonly detected errors in user-defined settings.

On Android

If the network connection is stable, on a phone with an Android system you should look for the reasons for the lack of notifications listed below.

  • Failures in the operating system. It is necessary to restart the smartphone and check the performance of the “Vatsap”. If new messages begin to appear, then the problem is resolved.
  • Failures in priorities of an application running on multiple devices. You need to go to the settings section of the smartphone and end the messenger. WhatsApp finds the function to enable the computer version, then select the option “Exit from all devices”.
  • Incompatibility of programs. If an application of the type task killer was previously installed, it is removed. Using a special utility, the same is done with residual components..
  • Mute notification sound. You need to go into your phone’s settings and check if the “Flight” or “Do Not Disturb” mode is turned on.

On iPhone

For “iPhone” use the same testing methods as for “Android”. The problem of the lack of notifications when Votsap works in the background often occurs. Among other things, the reason may be the inclusion of the power saving function. In this case, you need to try to deactivate this mode or put the device on charge. If messages still do not arrive, open the phone settings section, where they turn off quiet modes and allow applications to send signals.

If you are the owner of iPhone 4 and above, then you can safely download the latest modification with all the Vatsap updates.

On Xiaomi and Meizu

Smartphones “Xiaomi” and “Meizu” are equipped with functions that extend the battery life. When the user closes “Vac”, the messenger stops showing new messages. This is not always observed. The main reason for activating the mode is the launch of several applications. In order to fix the problem, you must do the following:.

  • Launch smartphone setup mode. To do this, in the list of widgets find an icon that looks like a gear.
  • Open the “Advanced” section and in the “Battery” tab find the item “Program Management”.
  • In the list that opens, select the desired object and remove the restriction on sending notifications.

Additionally activate autorun. To do this, in the “Tools” menu, find the “Security” section and in the “Permissions” tab switch the slider next to the “Autostart” label. So the messenger will not be blocked when the user closes the program.

How to fix the problem

The way to solve the problem depends on the gadget model, type of operating system and version of “WhatsApp”.

Make sure you have an internet connection.

Weak signal leads to interruption of Internet connection, which negatively affects the operation of web applications. You need to check if traffic is limited. If data transfer is used, make sure that the device is in a good network coverage area. With a wireless connection, they look for an exclamation mark near the Wi-Fi icon. If there is, you need to disable and restart the router.

WhatsApp Notification Menu.

Set time and time zone

Phones and the software created for them use a lot of complex scripts. Due to the slightest malfunction, the device starts to function incorrectly. Such failures include incorrect date or time input, selection of the wrong time zone.

The problem needs to be fixed right away, otherwise malfunctions in the messenger will occur regularly. To do this, perform the following steps.

  • In the smartphone settings menu, select the “Settings” section.
  • In the tab “Date and time” prohibit automatic setting of values. Then set the correct hours and minutes, select the desired time zone. Changes take effect after system reboot.

Content Display Feature

Sometimes the notification system does not work due to the fact that the function of displaying content on the screen is disabled. In order to fix the problem, follow the steps listed below.

  • In the smartphone’s settings menu, open the tab “Security” and find the item “Lock screen”.
  • Go to the “Notifications” section. Make the necessary changes to the display function settings and confirm the action.

After this procedure, information about new SMS or incoming calls will be displayed on a locked screen.

Clear WhatsApp Cache

Almost all applications that work with an Internet connection are equipped with virtual memory, into which the system automatically adds some auxiliary files. Over time, the cache size increases. This leads to the filling of the internal memory, incorrect operation of the programs, and the termination of the display of notifications. Clearing the cache helps the user to find out if a message has arrived, make calls, send photos or videos. The procedure is performed as described below..

  • Go to the settings of the Android phone and find the “Applications” tab.
  • From the list, select WhatsApp. In the context menu that opens, click on the inscription “Clear cache”.

Disabling the data restriction function

Sometimes the user forgets that the data restriction function is enabled. In the absence of a wireless connection, the phone blocks the operation of some programs, including instant messengers. Removing the ban eliminates the problem. To do this, change the parameters of the smartphone. In the “Data Usage” section, they find the “Settings” item and cancel all previously selected restrictions. After saving the changes, Vatsap will always send notifications.

Power saving mode

This mode can disrupt the operation of some components of the phone, which should function in the background. To display information about new messages on your smartphone or tablet, you need to go to the battery settings and select “Advanced” in the “Power Consumption” tab. Then, in the list, they find applications that need to be blocked when the charge is low, and uncheck the box next to WhatsApp.


If all actions are ineffective, perform a factory reset. Before that, you need to save the data necessary for a wireless connection..

After the procedure, the username and password are entered manually. In the settings menu, they find the “Basic” section, activate the reset function and reboot the device. Then reconnect.

Update and reinstall WhatsApp if all else fails

Outdated applications often do not work correctly, so all software components are regularly updated. To do this, go to the AppStore or Play Market directory. Find “Vatsap” in the list and click the “Update” button. Reinstallation should be performed if there are significant malfunctions. To do this, hold your finger on the messenger icon on the screen, and then click on the cross in the upper corner of the window. The application will be deleted, after which it will need to be reinstalled.