How to install whatsapp online on phone and computer

It is not always convenient to type long text with only a small telephone keypad. In this case, the desktop Vatsap comes to the rescue. To avoid cluttering your computer’s memory, use WhatsApp Web, or WhatsApp Online.

Why WhatsApp App

In the messenger, people exchange thoughts and impressions. Users transfer music, videos, pictures to each other. When in a hurry somewhere, but you need to quickly say information, send voice messages. WhatsApp replaced paid SMS. Now only traffic is paid.

What devices does the service work on

WhatsApp messenger works absolutely on all PCs. Only installation on Linux distributions has nuances: they connect only to the web client, because the program does not support the Linux kernel.

Whatsapp online.

From January 1, 2020, Vatsapa will no longer be in Windows application stores for Windows Phone smartphones.

Green messenger is not installed on phones with Symbian, Nucleus OS, BlackBerry, Bada OS from official sources.

The program is downloaded from third-party sites. The application works correctly only with IOS and Android operating systems.

How to connect whatsapp online

In order to enter the program from a computer, first install Vatsap on the phone. Without a smartphone application, the computer version will not work.

Registration is free: you need to enter your phone number – this is login. After simple manipulations, an activation code will come to this number within a minute. Then the application will ask you to write a username.

There is no Download Link for WhatsApp Online Web. Just enter in the search bar the official website of the web client – Then open the messenger on the phone. Tap on the three dots in the upper right and select “WhatsApp Web”.

A window with a history of logins from the browser application will appear. Click on the plus in the upper right corner of the screen. Point the camera at the QR code in the computer. Wait for the scan to complete..

On the phone

Vatsappa Online for the phone does not exist, the program is designed only for the computer.

Download and install on your phone.

To use the green messenger on your smartphone, download the application from the Play Market for Android or the App Store for IOS.

If you have an old device with the Symbian, Bada, BlackBerry or Nucleus OS operating system, install the program from third-party sources.

On the computer

Watsapp for a computer online is connected as follows:

  • Launch the browser version of the green messenger by going to the site
  • Open the phone Watsup. Tap on three points in the upper right.
  • In the menu that appears, select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • You will be taken to a page where login sessions to Vatsap from a PC will be shown. Click on the plus in the upper right.
  • Point the appeared camera at the QR code in the monitor. Wait for the matrix to scan..

After completion of the process, the usual Vatsap interface will appear: on the left – a dialogue menu, on the right – a field for correspondence.

On a laptop

The process of connecting a messenger to a laptop is identical to connecting Watsapp Online for a computer for free:

  • Go to
  • Open the phone WhatsApp. Tap on three points in the upper right corner of the screen and select “WhatsApp Web” in the menu that appears.
  • The section with the browsing history of the browser version will load. Click on the plus in the upper right.
  • A camera will appear to scan the QR code. Point it at the computer screen.
  • Wait for the process to complete..

The same interface will appear on the PC screen as on the phone.. Only the screen will already consist of two parts: on the left is the dialogue menu, on the right is the place for correspondence.

How to use the service

WhatsApp Online Terms of Use.

To correspond in the program, be sure to leave your phone connected to the Internet.

Once the connection is disconnected, the data will not be synchronized. This means that the smartphone will cease to exchange information with the computer, and you will need to log in to Online Watsapp again..

At Vatsap, users do the following:

  • Exchange text and video messages, “voices”. To convey emotions, people add emojis to messages.
  • Send each other pictures, videos, documents, music. The maximum size of the sent file is 16 MB.
  • They make audio and video calls. Maximum call duration – 30 minutes.
  • Add a user to contacts without leaving the application.
  • Create group chats. To do this, click on three points in the dialog menu and click “New Group”. Then select the participants.
  • Create Vatsap channels. To become an author of an interesting group, click on three points in the dialog menu and select “New Group”. Then go to the “Group Information” section, click on “Group Settings” and select “Send Messages” / “Administrator Only”.
  • Change the profile picture. To do this, click on three points and select “Profile”. Then click on the circle that appears. The program will offer to view the photo, take a photo, upload it from the gallery or delete.
  • Change the name and information. To this end, go to the “Profile” by clicking on three points in the dialog menu. Under the avatar there is a section “My Name” and “Information”. Click on the pencil icon on the right and write whatever you want. Use emoji to add emotions to text..

WhatsApp Online Benefits

Thanks to the browser-based Watsap, text messages are typed faster because there is a large keyboard at hand. Long messages are not scary, because the monitor screen is larger than the screen of a smartphone. Switching between tabs from a PC is more convenient than switching between applications from a phone.


The main plus of Vatsap Online is the ability to quickly type and more conveniently switch between tabs.

Minus – the approach of developers to the implementation of the program. The phone must always remain connected to the network, otherwise it is impossible to correspond in the messenger. As a result, incoming notifications on the smartphone will constantly be distracted. And to mute means to miss an important call.


Watsapp Online connects for free, through any browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex.Browser, Opera, Internet Explorer and others. No need to spend time to download the application to your computer and occupy the PC’s memory, just open the official website of Vatsap Web and connect to the messenger using the phone application.