WhatsApp remains without Facebook ads

A popular messenger is left without the support of the parent company. Despite 11 years of collaborative history, Facebook refuses to advertise in the utility database.


Couple problems

WhatsApp errors started after detecting a virus code downloaded by hackers under the guise of a video. Because of this, the application began to collect information about users. Data sent to encrypted cybercriminals’ servers.

Hacker attacks, crashes led to the fact that the creators of the messenger stopped the software update. As a result, millions of users were left without Votsap. The application stopped working with some operating systems.

After a couple of months, Facebook representatives reported an interruption in advertising..

“The company management decided to reduce staff. The advertising integration department in the messenger was disbanded. As a result, the cessation of interaction. Previously posted utility codes were deleted indefinitely, ”says The Wall Street Journal.

Rapid fall

2014 was a significant year for the messenger and social network. The owners of the latter laid out for the acquisition of a startup $ 22 billion.


For six years, the utility did not bring the promised income. The messenger did not even return the money spent for its purchase. And this despite the fact that Votsap officially uses one and a half billion people.

2018 was to be a turning point for the company. Chris Daniels, at that time – the chief director of the holding, together with the marketing department developed a development strategy.

“Advertising is the main way to monetize. We have created a project that will bring billions in just a month of work. ”.

Alas, the forecasts did not come true again. The Facebook government insisted on a separate hosting platform. Disagreements and quarrels led to the fact that a couple of months after the statement, the creators of the startup Votsap, Jan Kum and Brian Acton, quit. Attempts to return the “fathers” failed.

Acton and Kum initially created Votsap as a “light” messenger without ads. Facebook on it makes the main emphasis.

The future is there

Despite the differences, the quarrels of directors, the messenger will still be with advertising. This will become available with the advent of the WhatsApp Status command. Features:

  •     paid, free newsletters;
  •     publication of self-destructing materials (photos, videos, as an analog of Instagram Stories, Snapchat);
  •     separate channel for business;
  •     monetization.

The press service has not yet commented on the development.

Despite the problems, Votsap remains one of the most popular instant messengers. For the utility to run smoothly, the application requires updates. Installation from the Play Store, App Store, the official site is free. There is no authorization for registered users.