What are WhatsApp channels

Recently, the Whatsapp messenger has acquired a new feature – the ability to create a channel. Direct competitors – Viber and Telegram – have long been providing customers with a similar service. Whatsapp channels can now be read and created, but with some nuances.

What is a Whatsapp Channel

A channel is a group in Vatsap that is created by one user in order to broadcast their own thoughts, promote goods or services, and post information on behalf of the organization. Its administrator oversees, sometimes with the help of subadmins. Only he can post new posts in the community. Other users are not allowed to write comments, but have the right to read, mark favorite posts and participate in polls.

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What is the feature of the channels

Users actively create groups for various purposes, such as:

  • blogging
  • demonstration of new creative acts and ideas;
  • business promotion;
  • advertising of goods and services.

The creation of a channel in Watsap is also associated with software restrictions:

  • one user can create only one group;
  • the maximum number of readers is 256;
  • You can join the community through a direct link or at the invitation of one of the participants.

Perhaps in the future, Vatsap messenger will be able to expand the capabilities of this service and remove existing restrictions.

How to create a channel in Vatsap

You can organize a community in the messenger based on a new group. To do this, the following actions are performed:

  • Download the Whatsapp app to your smartphone or computer. Register in it by entering your mobile number and authorization code from SMS.
  • Go to the “Chats” section.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, find the menu with three dots, in it select the “New group” section. Add one or more users from the contact list to it.
  • To disconnect comments from participants, you need to open the “Group Information” section, where you can find the “Group Settings” subsection. In it, mark the column “Sending messages.” From two options – “All participants” and “Admins only” – choose the second.
  • To attract new subscribers, in the “Group settings” subsection, go to the “Invite by link” column. This invite can be copied and sent to friends..

So that everyone can get the latest newsletters, you need to send users an invitation link via Whatsapp, SMS or from a personal page in social networks.

How to find a channel in the messenger

In the program, search by name is not available. You can find the group of interest only by the phone number of its creator – administrator.

In other cases, you will have to use Internet resources. On the net, you can find Whatsapp channel lists sorted by various categories. On them you can find the right groups. If the organization is quite popular, it will not be difficult to find its community – in the global search you can type its name and go to the Vatsap channel through the official website.

How to subscribe to a channel on Whatsapp

You can join the community in one of two ways:

  • Ask for the address link directly from the group administrator. If he is interested in expanding the readership, he will take this step without problems.
  • Find an invitation link yourself – on the Internet or through friends. Click on it – and the gadget will offer to go to Whatsapp. The “Subscribe” button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click her. Now you can join the community and read its posts..

In both cases, an invitation link is required. This is a kind of filter that separates random users from active readers.