Why WhatsApp Web Doesn’t Work

Adding various settings allows you to expand the functionality of instant messengers. Applications work with any mobile OS, can be used on a computer. The latter option is convenient for users sending long messages. Sometimes situations arise in which WhatsApp Web does not work. You can fix the problem yourself.

Problems connecting to WhatsApp Web

For this version of the application to work correctly, a browser is required, for example Safari, Opera, Google Chrome. The phone and computer must be connected to the network. If the page has stopped loading, you should pay attention to the speed of the Internet. Sometimes it is not enough for the application to work.

Launch WhatsApp Web.

QR code not displayed

After opening the desired page, the user often discovers that a QR code is missing. The reason is incorrect browser settings. A simple way to check is to switch to incognito mode. After that, WhatsApp Web is reopened.

The service is disrupted due to antivirus programs. They are temporarily deactivated, check the functioning of the site. If the service works, you need to exclude Vatsap Web from the list of blocked sites.

WhatsApp QR code visible but not readable

If the code is displayed correctly, and the phone cannot read it, we are talking about a small size of the scanned area or a malfunction of the camera of the mobile device. The problem is solved by increasing the tabs with the online service..

To do this, go to the browser settings, select the desired scale using the left mouse button. You can call up the menu by holding down the CTRL key. Scale the page with the mouse: it will be easier for the camera of the phone to scan the code.

Why WhatsApp Web does not work, and what to do

The main reason is connection problems on your computer or mobile gadget. When using the web version of the application, pairing between devices must be continuous. If the account on the phone is inactive or the gadgets are at a great distance from each other, the program may not work correctly.

Launch on the phone.

When the application does not start on the smartphone, the user cannot log in to the computer. If the problem is not identified, it is worth checking the Internet connection. You can try to resume the wireless module or open another page in the browser. If this fails, the problem is the lack of connectivity.

On the phone

If the reason for terminating access to the web version is the inability to launch the mobile application, perform the following actions:

  • Check your smartphone’s internet connection. If there is a Wi-Fi router, the phone is put into wireless mode, and the Vatsap is rebooted.
  • Check the correctness of the entered data. When installing the application, they set the phone number to which the code arrives. If you cannot log in using this password, use voice-based methods of receiving data.
  • Update the application. Outdated versions do not support synchronization with the online service. Updating is recommended regularly. This helps to avoid problems with authorization and use of some functions..

You can evaluate the performance of the program by sending a test message. If the procedure was correct, the text will appear on the phone and computer.

On the computer

If there is no connection, the service will not open, synchronization with the mobile version will not occur. You need to check the Internet settings, make the necessary settings. Sometimes reconnecting or changing the type of network helps to fix the problem. If all the settings are set correctly, and the program does not work, you need to close and reopen the page. You can exit the program by selecting the appropriate menu item. After that, the application is reactivated.

Web whatsapp on computer.

On tablet

WhatsAp Web doesn’t work properly on the tablet due to an outdated application or operating system. To register in the program requires a phone number. Some tablets do not have slots for SIM cards, so installing the application becomes impossible. You can download the mobile version of Vatsap, but the tablet does not recognize it..

The error occurs at the authorization stage. In this case, use the version intended for tablets, downloading it from whatsapp.com. After that, the device is synchronized with the phone. It is possible to use the PC version in the tablet browser.

How to enable Whatsapp notifications on a computer

Notifications of new messages can be received on a Windows computer. To do this, make the necessary settings. In the menu, select the item “Receive notification messages.” A popup window containing 2 keys will appear. You need to click the “Allow” button. The browser will get access to notifications. They will come even when the web browser is running in the background..