WhatsApp for Small Businesses

The development of computer technology, the updating of network marketing trends forces companies to increase their activity on the Internet. This affects not only the creation of sites, albums, but also the development of channels in social networks, instant messengers.

The latter, as platforms for promotion, became especially popular in 2018. Demand, competition force developers to improve utilities, making them even more accessible to the user. An important role is played by the price of the service. The cheaper the use, the more users.

Whatsapp on the small business side

Thanks to the latest updates, creators of business pages (communities) can make online storefronts. This is a kind of catalog with the image of the goods, indicated cost and description.

“We have developed a team that simplifies the work of community administrators. A product with a full description is available to all members of the group, there is no need to send one notification to dozens of customers, – said WhatsApp developers. “It will also allow entrepreneurs to look more professional, will increase the rating”.

You can search for products in a specific album or directly in the utility. To do this, enter the name of the category in the top line, for example, “Clothing”.

Who are the directories for?

The design is intended only for owners of business accounts – WhatsApp Business. You can create product pages from Android phones and iPhone.

Alas, now the services operate in the UK, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, India, Indonesia.

How to configure an option

After registering an advertising client or connecting the WhatsApp Business program, users can create a catalog.

Important: To save space on the device, you can upload photos of goods to the program server. This will protect the device’s memory, protect the integrity of the album if you accidentally delete an image from the media.

To create a database:

  •       Open WhatsApp Business.
  •       Go to Settings.
  •       Select the Business Preferences category..
  •       Tapnite “Catalog”. If there is no partition, update the utility to the latest version. This can be done in App Store, Play Market, from the official website of developers.
  •       Select “Add a product or service”.
  •       Tap “+” to load product image.
  •       In the corresponding lines enter the name, description of the product. Here you can also specify a link to the store, product code for tracking items in the store.
  •       Click Save.

The catalog allows you to publish an unlimited number of products. Products can be shared directly in correspondence. For this:

  •       Choose a chat chat.
  •       Tap the clip icon at the bottom of the screen (under the input line).
  •       Click the “Catalog” icon.
  •       Choose the product you want to share.
  •       To send, click on the product name and the green arrow that appears at the bottom right of the screen.

WhatsApp Business package includes product album availability. There is no need to pay extra for using the service. Items will be stored until the client is uninstalled..

Note that WhatsApp is the first messenger to create a direct catalog of goods. Now the company’s management is developing a direct purchase platform. Individuals can use the features for free. The cost for legal users will depend on the number of album titles, the frequency of distribution to users.