How to understand that you were removed from Whatsapp

The question of how to find out if you were removed from WhatsApp is asked by many users of the messenger. Only the verification of the interlocutor’s smartphone will help you get the exact answer. Other methods allow you to identify indirect signs of blockage..

How to find out that a person has deleted Vatsap

To understand that a person has deleted Whatsapp from his phone, these actions help:

  • Assessment of the activity of a friend. If the user has been offline for a long time, he may have changed his phone number or deleted the application.
  • Evaluation of the message delivery process. You can see that a comment has been sent and read only if there is no ban on these actions in the interlocutor’s application. If only this symptom is present, perhaps the person ignores the messages.
  • Test call. This is the most accurate verification method. If calls do not reach or the system interferes with dialing, the “WhatsApp” friend has been deleted.
  • Checking the availability of information. Users who do not install the application are not included in the contacts list in Vatsap. You can verify this by creating a new conversation. To do this, click on the “+” icon at the top of the chat page. A list of rooms opens, in which they are looking for the right person. If the friend you are looking for is missing, the application on his smartphone has been deleted.

What will be visible if the messenger is deleted

Even if the program on the user’s device is deleted, all chat rooms, messages and media files from the interlocutors will be saved. But making audio or video calls will become impossible. Personal data and user account will be displayed with friends. When you reinstall the messenger, all messages sent by other contacts will be delivered. Missed calls are not displayed in this case..

How to understand that you were removed from “Vatsap”

If there are suspicions of being blacklisted, it is possible to identify this fact. Need to answer questions that help you assess the likelihood of blocking.

It looks like a block in Vatsap.

The following facts testify to blacklisting:

  • User cannot track friend activity. Opening the profile of the interlocutor, he will see that the status has not changed for a long time. It is impossible to determine whether the subscriber is online. I can’t find out the time of the last visit to the application.
  • The avatar of the account does not change for a long time. This symptom can be considered reliable if a friend regularly changed the image..
  • Messages are not delivered or remain unread for several days. The user sees a single gray checkmark, which notifies that the sending has been completed..
  • It’s impossible to make calls using the standard messenger functions.

If the answer to most of the questions is positive, the interlocutor blacklisted the contact. Less often, users are blocked in the system itself. In this case, the person will not be able to log in and start using the account.

How to find out if they blocked me on WhatsApp: creating a test group

Creating a test group is a complex, but reliable method for verifying that a block is occurring. With it, you can more likely understand that you were blocked in whatsapp.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Launch the Vatsap application. In the window for creating chats, they find the inscription “New group”, click on it. The created community is given the name “Test”.
  • Go to adding contacts. From the list select the numbers to be checked, send out invitations. When a user number is blacklisted, adding an interlocutor becomes impossible. The system sends a notification to the owner of the blocked account.

The method gives a 100% result, there are no other reasons for this error.. In Vatsap you can also see who came to your page.