What is the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp

When installing the main messenger, the user has a question, which is better – “Vatsap” or “Telegram”. Each application has its positive and negative sides. WhatsApp is considered more popular, since the program uses about 1 billion people in most countries of the world. However, Telegram also offers users interesting features..

Both applications have pros and cons.

What is WhatsApp

Vatsap is a free application designed to exchange text data or media files. Video and audio calls are supported. The program requires an Internet connection. The application is compatible with the operating systems Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Nokia Symbian, KaiOS. It is possible to use Vatsap as a page in a browser.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free program that allows you to exchange data online. The application is compatible with most devices and operating systems. There are versions for a computer, phone or tablet.

Compare Telegram and Whatsapp

Both applications support sending text and voice messages, images, links to third-party resources. The program interface is presented in several languages, which allows them to be used in all countries. To register in both instant messengers, a phone number confirmation is required.

Installation System Requirements

Installation of programs requires operating systems such as:

  • Vatsap. The application is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and higher, iOS 8+, Windows Phone 8+. The desktop version works in conjunction with Windows 8+, Mac OSX 10+.
  • Telegram. The program works with Android 2.2+, iOS 8.0 and higher, Windows Phone 10, Linux 11.4, Mac OSX.

Adaptation for different devices

Both applications can be installed on smartphones based on Android and iPhones, laptops and desktop computers. Vatsap works with some push-button phones. Installation of Telegram on such devices is not possible.

Design and usability

Vatsap offers users about 50 predefined themes, Telegram – no more than 30. Both applications have a dark interface, but WhatsApp has a more attractive design. In the first place it is located for ease of use. “Telegram” is most often chosen by people of an older age category who value minimalism.

WhatsApp offers more themes.

Messenger features

In addition to the standard functions for sending messages and media files, both messengers offer the creation of group chats and video conferences. The group in Vatsap includes no more than 256 users. Up to 4 people participate in video conferencing. You can send any kind of file to group chats..

The conversation in Telegram includes up to 100 thousand people. There is the possibility of working with hidden chats. The difference between simple and secret dialogs is the encryption method. Telegram also offers the possibility of maintaining public channels while preserving the anonymity of the author..

Correspondence Security

WhatsApp uses the terminal encoding method when only the participants in the conversation have the decryption key. In this way, all files transferred using the messenger are protected. Telegram uses this method only in hidden chats. If the person you are talking to is offline, messages are not delivered.

Secret chats function only online. In simple dialogs, data is encoded on a client-server basis. The message is delivered even if the person you are talking to is not online. Information in this case is not encrypted..

Advertising inside

Advertising notices do not appear in Vatsap. This helps users communicate without being distracted by closing unnecessary windows. The only option for viewing advertising content is to receive a message from the interlocutor containing such information. Telegram channels are equipped with a large number of advertisements paid by customers. Communication is prevented by pop-ups or sound notifications..

Why is Telegram Still Better?

Telegram can send files weighing up to 1.5 GB.

The main advantage of Telegram is the ability to send an unlimited number of files up to 1.5 GB in size. This helps to solve the problem of transferring information to and from a computer..

Other advantages of the application over Vatsap include the following:

  • The ability to resume downloading a file when the Internet connection is interrupted. Vatsap has no such function.
  • Ease of saving received information on a smartphone. This applies not only to text messages, but also to media files..
  • The placement of objects of any size in the “cloud” storage. Files are divided into groups.
  • Editing photos before sending. Objects can be viewed in full screen mode, photos are sent in original quality. Vatsap provides file compression to an acceptable size.
  • Sending video in original size. Vatsap offers compression and trimming.

What to choose

When choosing an application, take into account the tasks that it will perform. Telegram is more suitable for sending media files. For voice and text communication, WhatsApp, which has a clear interface, is more often used.