Features of installation and operation of WhatsApp on Windows 7

It is not surprising that many users are wondering how to download WhatsApp to a computer on Windows 7, because both the messenger and this version of the operating system are very popular..

Features of WhatsApp for Windows 7

Despite the popularity of the Seven, WhatsApp developers decided that it was no longer relevant and did not develop an official desktop version on a Windows 7 PC. The application on the computer is available starting from the eighth version and older.

But don’t be upset, the official Vatsap program from the manufacturer is available in the web version.

Pros and cons of the browser version

The web version of the messenger is not so bad, because it allows:

  • use WA without downloading and installing additional software, which saves your time and PC memory;
  • Free chatting, like on a smartphone, thanks to complete data synchronization;
  • take advantage of the fast speed of the Internet on a computer, large screen and typing on keyboard keys.

Whatsapp on Windows 7.

Among the obvious minuses include:

  • inability to communicate in video chat;
  • lack of a call function;
  • the need to constantly keep the tab open to receive notifications of a new message;
  • smartphone attachment:
    • You need to periodically log in using your phone;
    • Without the gadget turned on, the messenger on the PC will not work.

Instructions for downloading and installing the application

As we already found out, WhatsApp version for the Windows 7 computer does not exist. However, we’ll open the secret: you can install the messenger on your PC using a special emulator program.

To begin with, we suggest that you learn more about WhatsApp Web, and then consider using a utility that allows Vatsap to download for free to a Windows 7 computer.

Using the web interface

WhatsApp web on a Windows 7 computer has an interface similar in style and content to the mobile version of the application.

To start using it, you must:

  • Download the official WA web site in a browser. On the screen you will see a special barcode.
  • Now you need to run the messenger on your smartphone.

    Whatsapp web on Windows 7.

  • Go to the menu by the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner.
  • From the list, select “WhatsApp Web”. A QR scanner will appear.
  • Point the lens of the phone with the scanner on to the QR code opened in your browser window.
  • Done! There was an automatic synchronization of the mobile and browser versions. Now you can start using VotsAp on PC.

Download WhatsApp to computer for Windows 7 using other services

How to install Whatsap on a Windows 7 computer? This can be done using the special Blue stacks utility. The emulator adjusts the space of the PC operating system to the likeness of the Android OS, which makes it possible to install any smartphone applications on the PC, including WhatsApp.

The advantage of this method is that, unlike the official desktop version available on the OS, starting from the “eight”, WA, loaded through the emulator, will support the option of video calls and calls.

Plus, WhatsApp from the program works without being tied to your mobile phone: you can turn off the phone and remove the application from your smartphone. For users of the web version and the official desktop version, this option is not available.

Instructions for installing WA through Bluestacks:

  • Download and install the utility. Download file here.
  • Log in to the program through the Google account to which your phone is connected.

    Install WhatsApp via Bluestacks.

  • After logging in to your Google account, you will see the usual Play Market menu..
  • Type “WhatsApp” into the search engine..
  • Click on “Install”.
  • After the installation process is completed, you must synchronize the messenger with the phone. Open the QR code scanner in the mobile version of the application (the “WhatsApp Web” ellipsis icon) and point the lens to the barcode.

Attention: installing the program may cause malfunctions in the computer if you do not have enough space in RAM. Votsap downloaded through the utility does not provide 100% security of the connection and information transmitted as part of communication.

How to use the program on a computer

Using Watsup Web on a PC is not much different from using a messenger on a mobile version, because the programs have a similar interface.

As for the application received from the emulator, it is a complete copy of WA, which is installed on your smartphone.

What can WhatsApp on Windows 7

The web version of the popular Votsap chat is equipped with almost all the functions for free and free communication (as on the phone).

I have an opportunity:

  • exchange SMS;
  • send emoticons and gifs;
  • send videos and photos, documents and other files;
  • create collective correspondence;
  • change profile settings.

And for WA, downloaded using the utility, the ability to make calls with and without video is added.


To summarize:

  • The official desktop version of WhatsApp on Windows 7 does not exist.
  • You can communicate using the messenger through a browser option from developers or by installing WA through a special utility.
  • The web version of the application is attached to the phone and without a mobile phone in the active state, it does not work. It also does not support video calling and calls..
  • The utility closes the disadvantages of the web-version, but has its own: affects the stability of the OS and does not guarantee the security of user data.