How to install the free WhatsApp app on Fly phones

WhatsApp is a program used by 1.6 billion people from around the world to transmit information to each other. This is a cross-platform messenger, however, he bypassed the Nucleus and Thread-X OS, on the basis of which the old Fly phones work. The program cannot be found in the official application store, and it’s easy to catch a virus from third-party sources. In the article, we will consider where and how to download Vatsap to Fly.

Browse Fly Phone Models

Fly is a brand of budget phones with simple functionality. Such smartphones are bought as a “dialer” or to a child, without fear of losing the device.

The displays on the phones are small – from 2.5 to 5 inches. There are “giants” with a 6-inch screen, like the Fly IQ4601 Era Style 2. They can use the name “tablet”, for example, like the NTS Flyer with a screen of 7 ’’. Built-in memory – from 4 to 4.5 GB. Phones support 3G. 4G devices will not pull.

Older Fly devices also have Nucleus OS or Thread-X OS platforms installed. In smartphones that are released after 2013 – Android.

What versions of WhatsApp are suitable for Fly

For “Androyd” Flay, the latest version messenger is installed – 2.19.229, and smartphones with Nucleus and Thread-X platforms – 2.12.25.

Requirements and characteristics of Whatsap for Fly

WhatsApp on Fly phones.

There are no requirements for Vatsap, and smartphones have nuances. Phones until 2013 work with the base platform Nucleus OS and Thread-X OS.

Gadgets collaborate with Android: Fly E154, IQ238, IQ239, IQ 239 +, IQ449.

Nucleus and Trade-X: Fly ds123, ds124, ds128, ff243, ts110, ts111, ts114.

Step-by-step instruction

First of all, connect to a reliable and stable Wi-Fi network so as not to waste 3G megabytes, because the application “weighs” 35 MB. Then download the program from Play Market or the Internet. Tap the downloaded file. The Watsap icon will appear. Enter your phone number. After that, an SMS with a code will arrive within a minute; write it in the box that appears.

Where can I download the program for free

If the device is running Android, then install WhatsApp for Fly from the Play Market.

For Nucleus OS and Thread-X OS, the application is installed by the Java programming language, because the official Vatsap, written in C ++, does not support these systems.

How to download whatsapp

There are two ways to download Vatsap to the Fly phone, depending on the phone OS.

For Android, the download algorithm is as follows:

  • Find the Play Market in the application menu.
  • Activate the program search. To do this, click on the white field with a magnifying glass..
  • Enter WhatsApp.
  • Select the first messenger in the list.
  • Tap “Install”.
  • After downloading the application, instead of the “Install” button, “Open” will appear.

For Nucleus OS or Thread-X OS, downloading the messenger is as follows:

  • Download the .zip file to your computer from here. You can do it on the phone, but it’s easier to unzip the archive from a PC.
  • Unzip it. To do this, right-click on the file, select “Extract to current folder”.
  • Connect your phone to the device using a USB cable.
  • Transfer the WhatsApp.jar file to your smartphone.
  • Activate your account.

How to install the application

To install Vatsap on the Fly phone, launch “Downloads” on your smartphone and find the transferred file. Tap it. Click “Open” if you downloaded from the Play Store. WhatsApp icon appears in the application menu.

Registration and connection

Get in touch! Enter login – your phone number. Within a minute, an SMS with a verification code will come. Type it in the box that appears.

If you are new, you will need to come up with a name. It will be offered to enter at registration. After activating your account, you can upload an avatar if you want.

This is done like this:

  • Run the settings.
  • Click the circle in the upper left. The “Profile” section will open..
  • Tap the camera icon next to the circle at the top of the screen.
  • Vatsap will offer to select an image from the gallery or take a picture.

At the request of the user, the name is edited, the profile photo is changed.

WhatsApp Features

Using WhatsApp on a Fly Phone.

On modern models, the user is available:

  • sending text, video messages and “voices”. Print on the subway, record audio when walking, shoot a short video at home;
  • sending music, videos, photos;
  • change in status. Go to the Status section. To do this, swipe right on the main screen of the application. Find the pen or camera icon in the lower right. Add text, photo or video. Information will be stored for 24 hours and will be available to people who have your contact;
  • change the background in messages. Open the chat and tap the three dots at the top of the screen. Select Wallpaper. The system will offer to upload a photo from the gallery, Vatsap library, fill it with solid color or delete a picture.
  • audio and video calls;
  • creating group chats. To do this, go to the “Advanced” section by tapping the three dots at the top. Click “New Group”. Here three or more participants communicate with each other;
  • creation of Vatsap-channel – group chat, where only the administrator sends a message. Message participants do not comment or like.

On push-button phones, Vatsap can only send text messages. You cannot attach photos, videos, music, drop off “voices” and video messages, and you cannot make audio and video calls.


Fly – budget phones with basic functionality. On models until 2013, the operating systems Nucleus and Tread-X are installed. The program is not supported on them, so the WhatsApp messenger can not be downloaded for Fly from the official application store. Our site contains a link with Watsup Java for old OSes.

The program on such smartphones can only send text messages, but video messages or “voices” cannot. To avoid difficulties with installing the messenger, choose Fly phones with Android OS.