How to sync WhatsApp

Vatsap synchronization is the parallel use of the messenger on several electronic devices or the transfer of the correspondence archive from an old telephone to a new one. Thanks to synchronization, you can save all the files from chats to Google Drive, it is convenient and often helps in work and study.

Messenger synchronization involves the exchange of its data between different devices.

What is Vatsap synchronization and why is it needed

“Synchronous” means “simultaneous”, and “synchronization”, respectively, means “simultaneity of actions”. In the case of Vatsap, this is an instant data exchange between electronic devices. Synchronization is needed when a person has two or more of them: a phone, a tablet, a clock, a desktop computer, a laptop, etc..

When synchronizing the messenger, all messages, documents and media files from the telephone “Vatsap” are visible on other gadgets and vice versa.

If you have configured the data exchange with the tablet and you send a voice message to a friend from the phone, then in the same second your message will be reflected in the chat on the tablet. A friend’s response will also come to both devices. Data deletion also occurs on all devices connected to the phone. This is called synchronization..

Configure PC synchronization

To do this, you need to download and install on your PC an application specially designed for the computer “Vatsap”.

You will find it on the official WhatssApp website. The procedure is simple. Please note that installing the program on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS or iOs) has slight differences.

For Windows 8:

  • Go to the WhatssApp website, find and download the application file with the extension .exe.
  • Install and run the program. If everything is done correctly, on the main page there will be a square with a QR code.
  • Recognize barcode using smartphone camera *.
  • All your chats will appear on the computer monitor.

Download the messenger from the official site by selecting the appropriate OS.

For MacOS 10.10:

  • Go to the WhatssApp website, find and download the file with the .zip extension.
  • Open the file with the extension .zip and install on the PC.
  • When installing WhatsApp for the first time, you need to add it to the “Programs” folder and to the “Dock” panel.
  • Run the messenger on the computer. A QR code on the main page will indicate that the installation has completed.
  • “Read” the barcode * with your phone and log into WhatsApp on your PC.

* To scan the encrypted code with the phone:

  • for Android, in the chat list, click on the three vertical dots (top right on the monitor) and select WhatssApp Web;
  • for iPhone (not older than iOS 8.1) go to Vatsap chats and press the gear (bottom right of the screen) and click on WhatsApp Web;
  • for Windows Phone (not older than 8.1) in the Menu, select WhatsApp Web.

It is important that the version of the operating system of the electronic device with which you plan to synchronize should be relatively “fresh”: Windows 8 or MacOS 10.10 (earlier versions will not work).

Synchronization with the Web version of Vatsap

To synchronize the correspondence in Vatsap with a PC, it is not necessary to download and install an additional program. You can do it easier.

Three things will be required: your phone, Internet and browser. The option is suitable, for example, for those who have a ban at work and you can’t install programs without the permission of the system administrator.

The WhatsApp Web homepage has a barcode in the upper right corner. Bring a smartphone to it, read the code as a camera, and a familiar field for correspondence will open on your computer or laptop. On the left are chats, on the right are messages inside an open chat.

To synchronize devices you need to read the code with a smartphone.

To scan the QR code on the screen, you must first go to “WhatsApp” on the phone and select WhatsApp Web. How to do this on Android, Iphone or Windows Phone, you can read above in the section “Configuring synchronization with a PC”.

Create synchronization with another phone

You cannot use the messenger simultaneously on two phones.

When buying a new smartphone, you can simply transfer your “Vatsap” to it with all the history, files and contacts.

To do this, you need:

  • Transfer all contacts to a new device. To save all correspondence, back up using Google Drive on Android or iCloud on iPhone.
  • Download and install the Whatsapp application on your new phone, which, depending on the operating system of the gadget, can be found in the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Open Whatsapp, enter your phone number and confirm that data recovery is required. Chat history is copied and transferred to the new device. WhatsApp will determine which recipient uses the messenger and add them to the new contact list. Archive cannot be transferred from Android to iOS and vice versa.

Tablet sync

Since there is no official WhatsApp program for installation on a tablet computer, there is only one option to synchronize with it – WhatsApp Web.

On the tablet you need to go to the official website of the program and scan the barcode located in the upper right corner with a phone camera.

The page of the site will change – your messenger will open. Chat list – on the left, conversation – in the center of the monitor.

Before you read the hologram, you need to go to your Vatsap profile on your phone and find WhatsApp Web, which will offer you to scan a QR code. Depending on the mobile phone OS, you need to search for “WhatsApp Web” in the menu or settings.

Google sync

To sync with Google and save documents from correspondence to disk, you need to:

  • Log in to your phone in your Google account;
  • In the Play Store, update the application;
  • Go to WhatsApp, in the Menu (three vertical dots) select “Settings”;
  • Click on the second “Chats” item from the top, in it select the cloud with the up arrow “Backup chats”;
  • Click on “Backup to Google Drive”;
  • Of the four options, select the frequency of copying: only when you click “Backup”, daily, weekly, monthly;
  • Select an account or click on the “Add” button and enter the login and password for authorization in the desired account.
  • Click on the “Use” button.

During synchronization, correspondence is stored on Google disk.

It is available for whatsapp windows 10.

Sync with BlueStacks

BlueStacks emulator program allows you to play Android mobile games on your computer.

Even with its help it is possible to synchronize Vatsap and PC.

To do this, you need:

  • Install BlueStacks. Minimum requirements: OS Microsoft Windows 7 and higher, recommended: Microsoft Windows 10;
  • Run and configure the emulator according to the instructions that appear on the monitor;
  • Install and activate WhatsApp;
  • Indicate your phone number, an activation code will come to it, enter it in the appropriate field.
  • Use Vatsap on a PC or laptop as intended.

Manually transfer contacts.

When synchronizing in this way, the contact list cannot be transferred to the computer, it will have to be done manually. Instead, BlueStacks will allow you to install on your computer any applications and games developed for Android.

How to turn off sync

You can do this only in the smartphone settings, in WhatsApp itself you can’t turn off data synchronization.

On your Android phone, go to settings, select “Accounts and archiving”

In the Google account with the specified email address, you need to move the slider, and synchronization will turn off.