How to pin a message in whatsapp

The creators of the popular messenger have developed new features for the convenience of users. Customers were interested in how to fix a message in “Vatsap”. Now they can do this, as well as record the most interesting chat or group and highlight messages in correspondence. The application has many hidden functions, understanding which you can diversify communication.

Whatsapp messenger.

Pinned chats added to WhatsApp

A new feature in Votsap allows you to consolidate up to 3 important conversations. Pinned chats will always stay on top for quick access to them. Initially, this innovation was only available for the Android operating system. Later it became possible for owners of iPhones (with the iOS operating system). When comparing vatsap and vibe, you won’t do this in the second messenger.

You can fix chat in this way:

  • First you need to open the application “Vatsap”.
  • Next, you need to press and hold the dialog until a green circle with a checkmark appears.
  • Then you need to click on the pin icon (paper clip icon) that appears at the top.

A conversation fixed in this way will remain on top, even when new messages arrive on the iPhone or Android. That is, if you close the application, and then open it again, online correspondence will retain its position at the top of the list. The conversation will not need to be searched in the whole set of chats, and accidentally sending a photo to the wrong recipient will become impossible. Conversations will be marked with a button icon so that they can easily be distinguished from the rest.

Pinned chats.

How to fix a message in “Votsap”

In order not to waste time, viewing a large number of messages in correspondence in search of the necessary, you can add it to the “Favorites” folder. To do this, hold the message for some time and, when the star icon appears, click on it. The letter will be pinned.

Now you can easily view all marked messages in the menu where the “Favorite Messages” option is located. You can also write to yourself on whatsapp to save important information..

On iOS, these letters can be found in 2 places:

  • all messages are in the general settings;
  • messages from one friend – in his profile.

On Android, marked messages are stored in one place: go to the “Chats” section, select the “Menu” item and go to “Favorite Messages”.

To quickly find past messages, those who have iPhones can use the search by swiping down the conversation monitor. On Android phones, the search function is in the chat chat settings.

How to highlight messages in WhatsApp

The application allows its users to also highlight messages in correspondence.

Owners of phones with the iOS operating system got the opportunity to change the text, mark words with different styles, or simply cross out. To do this, highlight the word or sentence that needs to be edited.

There are frequent cases when you need to select more than one word in SMS. Then the selection can be moved in any direction.

Then click “Select” in the list of commands and move to the right. The inscription BIU appears. Next, you need to select the text formatting option that will be offered in the context menu.

You can change the letters in the Android operating system. You must select a phrase, sentence, or word that you plan to change. This can be done by 2 times tapping the screen for the word or sentence that interests you.

Use small arrows along the borders of the underline to make it clear how many sentences or phrases need to be changed.

The menu will start. Next, click on the 3 points located in the upper right corner and open the message settings.

You can also make out the selected sentence in bold or in italics, or cross out completely. This is done using special notation..

With the addition of asterisks (* text *) you get a bold face.

Using underscore (_text_) a word or sentence is italicized.

Strikethrough text in whatsapp can be done using the “tilde” sign (~ text ~).

In addition, with the help of characters you can set the scale of the font. It is necessary to establish a word or sentence between 3 characters “gravis” (back emphasis): “text”.

New features are available to users when updating the WhatsApp application on popular operating systems. With the active use of these settings, perhaps this will lead to original and interesting group names.